Last Epoch XP Farming – How to Level Up Fast

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Last Epoch XP Farming –  How to Level Up Fast

What’s the trick to XP farming in the Last Epoch? How do you level up fast in the game? Here’s all the help you need.

Just like any other Action RPG game, Last Epoch is all about building your character and dishing out tons of damage near the end of the game. But having to grind XP all over again any time you start up with a new character class can get old really fast.

You can make the grind easier on yourself by making your farming pattern more efficient. Most new players don't know the best ways to rapidly rack up XP and accelerate their endgame build.

Don’t worry; we’re to make the grind less tedious. In this guide, we’ll show you how to level up fast and bring your build to life quickly and efficiently. Let’s get started.

Last Epoch XP Farming Guide

Here are a couple of tips to make XP farming easier and faster in the Last Epoch:

1. Stack Movement Speed Early

The early levels of the Last Epoch are pretty easy with any character you start off with. Your goal here is to get through the levels as fast as possible so that you can finish it and head into the next one.

Stacking movement speed with items like Silver Rings or Advent of the Erased Boots will help you dash through and clear the level as soon as possible. Don’t worry too much about farming these mobs just yet.

2. Finish the Story and Side Quests

Here’s the thing: the main campaign in the Last Epoch isn’t really the best XP farming option for you. For that, you want to farm Monoliths. However, finishing the story before going for Monoliths will give you more passive and idol slots where you can use XP-boosting items for a faster farm.

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So after stacking move speed items, clear through the main story and side quests as soon as you can. Once you unlock all the slots, it’s time for the real farm to start.

3. Play with a Higher-Level Friend

If you play alone, the XP grind on the Last Epoch can get pretty brutal. However, if you have a friend who is at a much higher level than you, you can party up with him and sit back while he slays enemies that are much stronger than you. You get the full experience benefit of the kill for up to five levels.

That means if he kills an enemy that gives you experience points that increase your level by 10, you’ll only get five levels for it. It’s still a pretty nifty XP boost, so use this trick if you want to level up faster.

4. Farming Arena Monoliths

Monoliths are the best source of XP in the Last Epoch by the time you finish the main campaign. The enemies give you more experience and also drop better loot at that point. However, to truly maximize the amount of XP you get, you want to look for Arena nodes.

These nodes throw a lot of enemies towards you that you can farm easily. As you near the end of the Monolith, use the Teleporter to teleport back to the End of Time timeline. That way, you can play the Arena once again and keep farming it for more and more experience.

Repeating this farming method will help you get to Levels 57-58 quite easily. After that level, the experience gained isn’t as good.

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5. Strength of Mind Blessing

While farming Arena Monoliths is a good way to rack up tons of experience points, it starts giving diminishing returns after a while. At that point, you want to get to the end of the first Monolith to pick up a unique Blessing reward.

The Strength of Mind Blessing improves your experience gain by 4% to 6% which at this stage of the game is quite significant. You need to kill the Monolith boss to get this reward, but it’s not a guaranteed drop. So, if you miss out, you might want to rerun the monolith again until you get it.

6. Unlock Empowered Monoliths and Grand Strength of Mind

If you followed all the above steps, you should be strong enough to unlock Empowered Monoliths by now. It’s a bit of a challenge defeating the bosses that get you access to this Monolith, but it’s worth it.

With Empowered Monoliths unlocked, go back to the Fall of the Outcast timeline and farm it until you get the Grand Strength of Mind blessing. This can be a bit grindy since the drop chance is pretty low. But it gives you an additional 10% boost to your overall experience gain.

7. Increase Corruption Levels

Once you’re at this point, you are already pretty near maxed out on your build. For the rest of the levels, you want to increase your Corruption Level for the Monoliths. To increase Corruption, proceed through the timeline, clearing nodes with the Shade of Orobyss.

By increasing Corruption, the enemies get beefier and deal more damage. But the experience you get for killing them also becomes significantly higher.

That’s about all there’s to it. These are the most efficient ways to level up fast in the Last Epoch. Good luck!

Last Epoch XP Farming –  How to Level Up Fast
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