Last Epoch Class Guide – Each Class Explained

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Last Epoch Class Guide – Each Class Explained

This article is a Last Epoch Class Guide to explain all the classes and masteries in the new ARPG

Starting Last Epoch comes with a big question, ‘Which class should I pick?’. The class system may look pretty complicated at first glance, making the question even harder to answer. But we are here to make it easier for you, by explaining each class so you can make an informed decision!

Last Epoch Class Guide

You have to choose a class when you first start the game and therefore, it is crucial to understand what each class means so you can have your desired gameplay going forward. There are a total of five classes and under them, there are three masteries each.


The Acolyte is what you would call the class of dark magic. The gameplay is a delicate balance between summoning undead minions and unleashing powerful spells on enemies. If you would like to thrive in the chaos of battle, weaving dark magic to thrash your enemies, this may be what you want to choose.

The three masteries under Acolyte are Necromancer, Lich and Warlock. If you want to command an army of the dead and wield dark magic, choose the Necromancer. With skills like Summon Wraith, Skeletal Mages, and Abominations, you can be the master of a forsaken army of Acolyte’s dark creations.

Choosing Lich will mean embracing self-sustaining yet risky gameplay. Use your own health to deal more damage, with options like poisoning yourself for extra poison damage or transforming into a Reaper to cleave enemies. It’s taking big risks for big rewards.

Lastly, Warlock is for ranged dark magic. Using Chthonic Fissure, an AoE of damage is created on the ground with spirits released to attack enemies. With curses and corruption, you can weaken enemies and enhance your own powers.


If you want to control the elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning and enjoy a ranged playstyle, Mage may be the way to go. With utility skills like Teleport and Snap Freeze, you can dominate the battlefield with Mage. He focuses on elemental spells like Glacier, Volcanic Orb, and Lightning Blast.

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The Runemaster mastery is all about combining skills to create powerful runes with Runic Invocation. If you enjoy experimenting with different combinations of spells and elements, you will have some serious fun with this mastery.

If you want to choose Mage but would prefer more of a melee gameplay, you must choose Spellblade. As its name suggests, it combines spells and the blade of the sword, allowing you to rule in close combat scenarios. With the Shatter Strike skill, the Spellblade deals area damage and instantly defeats frozen enemies with low health.

As for Sorcerer Mastery, you can take your elemental game to the superior level. With this mastery, you can enjoy ranged spells with powerful burst attacks. He can cast fiery meteors, and icy missiles, and even summon a freezing black hole.


Choosing Primalist is a great decision if you want brutal gameplay. He wields both weapons and the power of nature while summoning a Wolf companion, blending melee combat with managing pets or totems. The three masteries under Primalist are Shaman, Druid and Beastmaster.

With Shaman, you are focusing on your totems and casting elemental magic. You can enhance your totems even further with the passive tree. You could say that Shaman brings the Mage into the Primalist, so you are casting spells but you are still up close and personal with enemies.

Druid is for the shape-shifter lovers! Either you transform into a Werebear for melee combat strength or become a mystical tree to enhance your spellcasting abilities. Choose the Druid if you enjoy the versatility that comes with shape-shifting.

If you want to be the master of a Beast, definitely go for Beastmaster and summon bears, raptors, etc. This mastery will amplify your might with powerful skills and companion-focused gameplay.


Rogue can do it all, specializing in both melee and ranged combat. You can choose between dagger or bow combat as per your preference and she will excel in it. Thanks to her agility, it’s very easy to evade threats and it is made even easier with her smoke bombs.

Does the idea of a Falcon accompanying you in your battles excite you? Then choose the Falconer and summon a powerful bird who will make your opponents regret messing with you. With this mastery, you can deploy traps that would deceive any enemies.

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The Bladedancer is all about enhancing the Rogue's melee prowess with agile, dual-wielding attacks. This Mastery amplifies the Rogue's melee capabilities, allowing you to swiftly go in and out of combat, delivering lethal strikes with daggers before escaping.

Choosing Marksman mastery will allow you to deal significant damage without any harm to yourself. The Marksman relies exclusively on bows, requiring strategic positioning from your end. Perfect for a hit-and-run playstyle that utilizes high mobility and long-range combat.


Sentinel is a classic Tank, perfect for players who prefer a defensive gameplay. He has finesse in an array of weapons, so there’s flexibility in choosing this class. The three masteries are Forge Guard, Paladin and Void Knight.

Forge Guard makes your Sentinel even tankier by significantly enhancing defense but does not compromise on the damage. You will excel at tanking hits and can use the skills Shield Throw or Forge Strike which summon a forge Weapon if the hit lands on an enemy, to build an army of fiery allies.

As for Palladin, your priority isn’t just to deal damage, but to buff and heal your allies, making this mastery a perfect addition to multiplayer teams. You can activate Holy Aura to grant passive damage boost to nearby allies and temporarily multiply your stats by 2. Perfect for players who like lifting others!

With the Void Knight mastery, you get both knightly powers and magic in one. You gain boosted void damage on melee attacks and echoes that repeat attacks or spells. You can deal void damage as well as create void rift, thanks to the skills of the mastery.

Last Epoch Class Guide - Each Class Explained

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We hope this guide has given you a clear idea about all the classes in Last Epoch, and the masteries that come along with them. Now choose wisely, according to the gameplay you like, and enjoy the ARPG. For more news and gaming guides, keep an eye on ESTNN!

Last Epoch Class Guide – Each Class Explained
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