Last Epoch Eternity Cache Explained

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Last Epoch Eternity Cache Explained

In a game like Last Epoch, crafting is of fundamental importance, without which you would not be able to continue your adventure in the game world. The Last Epoch Eternity Cache is a tool that is used to create the most powerful gear that is present in the game, combining different items together to obtain Legendary items.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this magical tool that is able to make your gear more powerful.

Last Epoch Eternity Cache Location

The Last Epoch Eternity Cache is hidden deep in a dungeon known as the Temporal Sanctum. To reach it, you have to defeat a powerful magician named Chronomancer Julra. Once you're inside the cache, you'll find that it's a special place where something extraordinary can happen.

Inside, you need two items. You place both items inside the cache and leave them there for a very long time. There's a special ability in the dungeon that lets you move back and forth between different times. This ability is what makes the magic happen.

While the items are in the cache, something amazing occurs. Some of the powers from the second item start blending with the first one. This process takes a while, but eventually, you end up with one incredible item that's much more powerful than before. Once the two items merge into one, you can't change it anymore, just like you can't change special equipment.

All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

The item's power level will change to match the new abilities it has gained. If you mix a class-specific powerful item with another item that isn't made for a specific class, the final result will be a powerful item made just for that class.

Last Epoch Eternity Cache

How Does Legendary Potential Work?

The first thing to know is that Unique items have a Legendary Potential, which can range from 0 to 4, which serves to determine the ability of the Unique item to be transformed into a Legendary item. But what is Legendary Potential influenced by? Only from the area in which that particular element is released. As a result, corruption, item rarity, and character level have no effect.

How strong a Unique item is when it first appears depends on how powerful it is to begin with. Really strong items usually start with less power to grow further, while weaker ones start with more room to improve. This way, most Unique items end up with similar potential for power overall.

Legendary Item Creation Guide

To make a Legendary item in Last Epoch, you need a special Unique item that's really powerful, and another strong item called an Exalted item. This Exalted item must have exactly 4 special abilities that aren't locked. Both of these items go into the Eternity Cache, but the Exalted item's sealed abilities don't count. It has to have 4 open abilities to work. Then, you use a special dungeon power to jump forward in time from the past (the Divine Era) to the future (the Ruined Era).

How to Find The Western Bridge Key in No Rest for the Wicked

In the future, the two items will be combined into one Legendary item. It's just like the Unique item, but with some of the Exalted item's abilities added to it. How many abilities get added depends on the item's Legendary Potential. The abilities are chosen randomly, so you can't pick which ones. You can only make one Legendary item each time you successfully finish the Temporal Sanctum dungeon.

As you go up in difficulty in the dungeon, you can use more powerful Unique items to create even stronger Legendary items.

Last Epoch Eternity Cache Explained
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