Last Epoch Legendary Items Explained

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Last Epoch Legendary Items Explained

The Last Epoch legendary items are a particular category of items that can be created within the game by following some rules. These are very useful items but also rare to find, so when you have the opportunity to find them during your expeditions around the game world or after completing missions, hold on to them tightly. If you are wondering how legendary items work and what you need to do to create them, in this guide, we will explain everything in detail.

How to Get Last Epoch Legendary Items

A legendary item is nothing more than an item composed of a unique and an exalted item. However, there are some things to take into consideration. For example, the unique item must have at least 1 legendary potential, while the exalted item must have exactly four unsealed affixes. Assuming they meet these requirements, you can use them to create legendary items.

To actually create a Last Epoch legendary item, all you have to do is head to the Temporal Sanctum dungeon and find the Eternity Cache. It is thanks to it, in fact, that you will be able to create these items. Obviously, the deeper you go into the dungeon, the more you will have the opportunity to create items that are of a higher level and, consequently, more powerful.

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It is worth underlining, so as not to create any kind of confusion, that the legendary item you are going to create will be practically identical to the unique item, except that it will also have the affixes of the exalted one. Therefore, the number of selected affixes is equal to the legendary potential of the unique items and cannot be chosen but will be assigned randomly.

As for the legendary potential, it is largely influenced by the area in which the unique item drops, but corruption can also play its part and is able to increase it slightly. However, you should know that, if you have mods and more, they will not interfere in any way, nor will your character's level.

last epoch legendary items

How to Get Uniques

Creating a legendary item in Last Epoch is not at all complicated once you have unique and exalted items, but the hardest part is actually getting hold of these two items. As we said previously, unique items are influenced by the zone and, on a smaller scale, by corruption, but there are also other things to take into consideration.

You can easily farm boss uniques by killing the same boss multiple times; this way, you will be able to get an item that is better. As for those that are dropped into the game world, you are better off either farming a specific timeline or making use of a Rune of Ascendence. This rune allows you to change any item you obtain into its unique level counterpart, so it is certainly very useful.

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How to Get Exalteds

Now, let's see some tips for getting exalted items in Last Epoch. We advise you, first of all, to be in a level 90 area, as you will have a greater chance of obtaining higher-level items. Furthermore, we recommend you go to two specific dungeons, namely: Lightless Arbor and Soulfire Bastion. These two dungeons, in fact, are the best for farming this type of item.

Last Epoch Legendary Items Explained
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