Last Epoch Ezra or Artem: Which One Should You Choose?

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Last Epoch Ezra or Artem: Which One Should You Choose?

In Last Epoch, you will have the opportunity to tackle various missions, some of which will put you in front of a more or less difficult choice. An example is Ezra's Ledger quest, in which you have to recover his ledger from his study.

However, you will also have another option, which is to deliver it to Artem, another character present in the game, so that you can obtain different rewards. Let's see, together, what differences there are if you decide to give the object to one character rather than another.

Last Epoch Ezra or Artem?

Let's start by saying that completing the mission is practically the same; you won't have to take different steps, so continue without problems until you have to deliver the ledger to one of the two characters. If you decide to give the ledger to Ezra, you will receive the Avarice Unique gloves, while if you decide to give the ledger to Artem, you will receive the Gambler's Fallacy Unique amulet.

Both are very rare items and therefore not easy to obtain, but which of the two should you opt for?

Avarice Gloves

Avarice makes you stronger and helps you heal faster. It gives you 10 armor to protect yourself, 5 to 10 more mana for your magic power, makes 3% of the damage you deal turn into health for you, makes your healing faster by 30 to 39%, and boosts your resistance to different types of damage by 13%. This means you'll get hurt less and recover health when you fight enemies.

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Last Epoch Ezra or Artem
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Gambler's Fallacy Amulet

Gambler’s Fallacy makes you healthier and increases your chances of landing powerful strikes. It boosts your health by 5 to 25%. Also, if you haven't landed a powerful hit in the last four seconds, it guarantees that your next hit will be super strong. But if you've already landed one, it makes it less likely for your next hit to be as strong for the same time period. Plus, if you do land a powerful hit, you'll regain 10 to 15 health.

What Option Is the Best?

We can say that the choice depends a lot on your way of playing and the class you have chosen. In fact, based on these parameters, one object may be more useful than another. However, on a general level, considering what we have told you previously, we recommend you opt for the Avarice Gloves. In fact, the benefits they have are very simple to use and you don't need to know in detail your class and the build you are using.

Last Epoch Ezra or Artem: Which One Should You Choose?
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