How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite – 4 Steps to Best Ship

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How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite – 4 Steps to Best Ship

Want to know how to make an airplane Lego Fortnite? This is the build method for the most effective and best Lego Fortnite Airplane.

Fortnite Lego is a huge world, with fairly limited options for getting around. Players have likely discovered quickly that having your base in the wrong place can mean a lot of travel time. One of the best ways around that is a Lego Fortnite airplane. These are creations players have been showing off on social media that allow you to just glide through the sky. Although, not quite the same as an actual glider in Lego Fortnite. How to make an airplane in Lego Fortnite isn’t explained though.

An airplane in the game offers some obvious advantages. For a start, it’s just a fun way to travel. Why run around on foot for ages when you can fly? You also get to use a lot of the game’s building mechanics in creative ways, similar to how players built death machines in Tears of the Kingdom earlier this year. If you’re collecting resources like Obsidian in Lego Fortnite then you’ll be moving biomes quite a lot and knowing how to make an airplane in Lego Fortnite will come in really handy.

Building is simple in Lego Fortnite but gets complex. You’ll need to actually utilize various types of building and pieces plus be able to gather all the resources to knock one together. If you want to jump in straight away, we’ll run you through how to make a Lego Fortnite airplane here.

How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite

Creative mode in Lego Fortnite lets you fly around freely but in Survival it’s going to take a bit more planning and skill. It’s all the more satisfying when you manage to actually put one together and even start cranking them out quickly whenever you need to move somewhere though. You’ll need to learn how to make an Airplane in Lego Fortnite if you want to get around quickly.

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While the controls can be tricky, it’s by far the best way to get around at the moment. (Plus, a future Lego Fortnite update is introducing better controls) These are all of the steps to build one.

Building an airplane in Lego Fortnite requires a few things to start with though. You’ll need to have unlocked various recipes to make sure you can build all of the pieces. Those recipes specifically are wood foundations, dynamic foundations in Lego Fortnite, Balloons, Thrusters, and activation switches. Add all of those together and you can build a Lego Fortnite Airplane. Once you’re at this stage, putting one together is fairly simple.

Step by Step Guide – How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite

Step 1 for How to Make an Airplane in Lego Fortnite – Make a Dynamic Foundation

The base is to set up your foundation. You might be building an airplane, but for reason that still requires a foundation to build on! Use 4 flexwood pieces in Lego Fortnite to build your dynamic foundation.

Step 2 – Add the Thrusters

How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite

The next step is to get the thrusters in position. These are what will make the Lego Fortnite airplane actually move forward. These go at the back of the platform, basically pointing in the direction you want to go. This propels the foundations onward rather than just upwards. Two is about the minimum for a well-functioning airplane, but you can add four depending on how fast and far you want to go! Beyond that, there are diminishing returns in sticking any more on your platform.

Step 3 – Add the Activation Switch

Next, place the activation switch. This bit is simple, it’s to turn on the Thrusters somewhere you can reach.  These activation switches are important for more complicated builds in the game, not just how to make an airplane Lego Fortnite.

Step 4 – Add Balloons to Lego Fortnite Airplane

How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite

The final step in how to make an airplane in Lego Fortnite is to add your balloons. The thrusters will push you sideways, but not up. The balloons take care of that. Balloons that let you float have been an important part of quite a few things you can build in Lego Fortnite Here they’re vital in how to build airplane Lego Fortnite.

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That’s how you can build your Airplane! However, there are some alterations players have made to create airplanes that function better though. These are some of the optional pieces players have discovered can go a long way in improving their Lego Fortnite airplane.


You might not want to drive your airplane along the ground, but there are some key reasons why some players have been adding wheels to their builds. Namely, stability. When a plane takes off or lands, typically, they spend a little time on the ground first. With balloons you don’t need the same wind up. Once you know how to make an airplane Lego Fortnite, you’ll see why we don’t need wheels to get off the ground. However, it does help with the landing.

Wheels can massively soften your landing, taking a rough crash down to something more manageable. These are great if you want a bit more control on the way back down.


Are Airplane Controls Coming?

That’s how to make an airplane in Lego Fortnite. Controlling it though, that’s the hard part. It gets tricky. Players might not be able to get this done without too much trial and error. Here, we don’t have a solution yet. Players will just have to cope with the poor controls for now. Point your airplane in the right place is the best answer. Plus, if you have a glider you can always bail mid-flight for those fine-tuned adjustments to your trajectory.

a more direct method of controlling your builds is coming though. Epic accidentally showed this off in a build video on social media recently and confirmed they were in the works.

While we’ll have to wait a little longer, Lego Fortnite airplanes will be better controlled pretty soon. Then we can have a nicer experience roaming the various biomes of the world. They might not be as controllable as planes in Fortnite Battle Royale, but they are a fantastic way to navigate the world here too.

How to Make an Airplane Lego Fortnite – 4 Steps to Best Ship
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