How to Make a Glider in Lego Fortnite – 3 Steps Best Tool

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How to Make a Glider in Lego Fortnite – 3 Steps Best Tool

Want to know how to make a Glider in Lego Fortnite? This is how you can craft a Glider in Lego Fortnite to get around the map much quicker.

Lego Fortnite has tons to offer players when you jump in, being a perfect Lego version of the Fortnite world. However, not everything you’ve come to expect from Fortnite is available in Lego though, at least not off the bat. Weapons are largely missing, owing to the more family-friendly nature that comes with it being Fortnite. However, Gliders also aren’t available, at least not in the beginning. You’ll need to learn how to make a glider in Lego Fortnite first.

When you first start out in the Lego world, you won’t be able to glide straight away. This makes things a bit more limited when you’re getting around the world. As you might remember from Battle Royale, gliding is kind of important. It’s one of the most powerful movement tools in the game, getting glider redeploys is a perfect opportunity to move faster and helps to win games of Fortnite. In Lego Fortnite, it can massively expand your options.

Once you learn how to make a glider in Lego Fortnite, you’ll be able to move significantly faster. Ike with most things in this side of the game though, you’ll have to think through the crafting first. This is how making a Lego Fortnite glider works.

How to Make a Glider in Lego Fortnite

How to Make a Glider in Fortnite

If you want to unlock a glider in Lego Fortnite, you’ll need to hit a few benchmarks first. There are a few things you’ll need to do before you can even start. For a start, you’ll need to be able to build a crafting bench. This is part of the Fortnite Lego XP glitch so it’s likely come up for a lot of players already. A base crafting bench won’t do here though. You’ll instead need to be able to upgrade one to the rare quality.

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Once you can get the proper crafting bench, you’ll also need a loom. All of this is pretty self-explanatory to craft a glider in Lego Fortnite. A loom is to deal with softer fabric materials, and a crafting bench is for putting everything together.

Once you’ve got these two things set up, you’ll unlock the glider recipe in Lego Fortnite. You don’t need to complete any quests, it just unlocks. What’s next? There are quite a few different things you’ll need to collect first.

Ingredients to Make a Lego Fortnite Glider

how to make a glider in lego fortnite

Lego Fortnite is a crafting game. There are tons of different Lego Fortnite recipes. One of the biggest is the Glider, what do you need to collect to get access to it? These are ingredients for the Lego Fortnite Glider.

  • Eight Flexwood Rods
  • Six Silk Fabric
  • Four Wool Fabric

Where can you get all of this? The Silk is easiest sourced from Spiders. You’ll need to get the resources out of them. Wool comes from Sheep. As you’re petting them, you’ll get both fertilizer in Lego Fortnite and Wool! These are fairly easy to pick up. you’ll need to refine the wool into wool fabric to use it in the method for how to make a Lego Fortnite Glider though.

How to Craft a Glider in Lego Fortnite

how to make a glider in lego fortnite

The next stage is to actually get set up to craft a glider! How can you do this? It’s fairly simple. Head over to your crafting bench to and go to the tools section. Then you’ll see the recipe for a Glider!

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After this, it’s simply a matter of crafting it. Once you’ve collected the resources like getting flexwood in Lego Fortnite, you just run through the auto crafting process.

How to make a Glider in Lego Fortnite isn’t the most complicated process. The materials might take some gathering at first. Once you’re up and running though, you’ll likely have most of this material to hand without having to go out and specifically grind for it. Like everything in Lego Fortnite though there’s more to think about than just using the glider, there’s durability to keep in mind when you’re using it too.

How Do Gliders Work in Lego Fortnite?

how to make a glider in lego fortnite

Lego Fortnite Gliders aren’t free from concerns like durability. It’s just as scarse a resource; you’ll need to keep an eye on their levels if you want to always have access to a new glider. For this item, the mechanic is fairly simple. Your glider will use stamina. Unlike Fortnite, you can’t glide forever. You need to make sure you have the charge in your stamina to make the journey. There are limitations even after you craft a glider in Lego Fortnite.

If you run out of stamina while using your Lego Fortnite glider, you’ll run into problems. When your stamina is gone, you’ll drop straight out of the sky. Be careful if you want to make sure your journey goes smoothly.

That’s how they work and how to make a glider in Lego Fortnite. These are a great tool for getting around faster so it pays off to keep one around at all times.

How to Make a Glider in Lego Fortnite – 3 Steps Best Tool
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