How to Earn XP Fast in Valorant

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How to Earn XP Fast in Valorant

We all want to know how to earn XP fast in Valorant, so let's get into and get you climbing those levels and Battle Pass tiers.

In the guide below, we'll go over some areas that can maximise your XP gain in Valorant. There is no easy solution; however, you'll still just need to play the game a lot. But, with these tips, you can do it a little faster.

While the obvious answer is just “play the game more” there are a few small things you can do to help you get the most out of your playtime.

How to Earn XP Fast in Valorant TLDR

If you just want a quick guide on how to earn XP fast in Valorant, take these tips below and climb. We'll go into a little more detail after this part of the article.

  • Complete daily objectives and win of the day
  • Focus on weekly challenges; try to do easy ones in Swift Play; otherwise, do Unranked and focus on them.
  • Unranked and ranked offer the most XP, though take longer to complete
  • Play with friends to earn more XP, up to 20% more if playing with a full five stack.
  • Link your account to Xbox Game Pass for 20% increased XP towards your match XP, Battle Pass and Active Agent (not missions or account XP)
  • Buy the Premium Battle Pass for another (smaller) 3% XP increase

Valorant Game Mode XP

Let's take a look at the game modes in Valorant and what they offer.

  • Competitive, Replication, and Unrated will reward you with 100 XP per round played. Increasing to 200 XP for each round you win
  • Spike Rush offers a fixed 1000 XP regardless of who wins
  • Deathmatch offers a fixed 900 XP for completing
  • Escalation offers 800 XP for completing and 200 XP extra for a win.
  • Snowball Fight (when active) offers 750 XP for completing and 150 XP for a win.

Valorant Squad XP Boost

Valorant also encourages squad play, offering up more XP for every extra player in your party.

  • 2 Players –  8%
  • 3 Players – 12%
  • 4 Players  – 16%
  • 5 Players  – 20%

How to Earn XP Fast in Valorant

Xbox Game Pass Valorant XP

Thanks to Riot Games' partnership with Xbox Game Pass, you can now get a 20% increased XP bonus on certain areas of the game.

Xbox Game Pass XP Boost Works on

  • XP from Matches
  • XP towards Battle Pass
  • XP towards Agent Contracts
  • XP towards event Pass Progress

Xbox Game Pass XP Boost does not work on

  • Daily Mission XP
  • Weekly Mission XP
  • Towards Account Level

Complete Valorant Missions

One of the best sources of XP is by completing Daily and Weekly missions. Your two daily missions will net you 2000 XP, while weeköy missions will offer you between 13770 and 15300 XP, depending on the missions. Remember, this can be impacted by XP boosts (excluding Xbox Game Pass).

How to Earn XP Fast in Valorant Closing thoughts

One important thing to note about Valorant, is that the weekly missions don't go away. You are able to catch up with them throughout the season. I've joined a Battle Pass halfway through, and with barely any extra effort managed to complete it just in time.

With regular play during the season, and focusing on missions, you will easily be able to make it. Also, keep an eye out for seasonal events to help boost your XP gains.

Closing tips

Look to group up, either with friends or stick with a team you just played with. Don't stress too much about the Battle Pass, but make sure to complete weekly and daily missions where possible.

How to Earn XP Fast in Valorant
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