How to Defend in CS2 (2024)

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How to Defend in CS2 (2024)

Do you have difficulties when defending in CS2? Well, let’s see how to defend in CS2 and what you need to know.

After learning how to attack in CS2, the next important thing we want to discuss is how to defend our favorite game. Attacking is difficult, there is no arguing that, but defending can be even more challenging. Therefore, this CS2 defense guide will try to show you some of the main things you need to keep in mind when playing.

How to Defend in CS2 – Positions & Team Communication

The first thing to take into account when discussing CS2 defending is the positions. Normally, each bombsite on every map will have 2 CT players defending it. Depending on the situation, you can also find single defenses, as well as 3+ defenses.

If you are using the default positions and notice something, you must communicate with your team. In fact, this is something that you have to do all the time, regardless of what’s happening. You can always ask for information, help, say you’ve spotted someone and more.

People who want to improve their CS2 defense skills know that communication is essential. However, this does not mean you have to call out absolutely everything. Keep in mind that your teammates are also focusing while playing, so try not to get in their way. Only mention things that are important in the given round.

Using Detternce

Another important thing that people who want to know how to defend in CS2 should be aware of is deterrence. In other words, there are things that you can do that can prevent the enemy team from rushing a given bombsite. Some maps are more favorable for such things than others, but this is something that can work in many situations.

When learning to defend in CS2, you should know the ins and outs of using the different utilities. Things like Flashbangs, grenades, molotovs, and more are extremely important when defending. They are the tools that will allow you to stop an aggressive push or re-take a given part of the map.

Sadly, using the right nade combinations when defending in CS2 is not easy, especially when you have random teammates. Ideally, you should not overlap and only use your utilities when they are helpful. That’s probably one of the biggest mistakes people make, especially when using smokes.

Speaking of utilities, if you look at how to defend in CS2 Reddit, you will find information about the importance of not using all of your utilities. If you don’t do that, you won’t have anything left when you have to re-take the bombsite, which will give your opponents a huge advantage. Using things, such as Incendiary grenades to block players’ access to certain locations can be extremely strong later in the round, especially if your opponents have taken damage from other sources.

Do not give your opponents a lot of space

How to Defend in CS2 (2024)

One of the basics of CS2 defending that you must understand is that giving your opponents free space is never a good idea. A lot of people playing on the CT side are always passive and do not do anything other than stay behind a specific box. As good as it sounds, this is not the right way to play.

This CS2 defense guide emphasizes the importance of not giving your opponents a lot of space. If the Terrorists are pressuring you and you are just allowing them to take control of the map, they can rotate, push aggressively, and do all sorts of other things. However, if you fight back, their options will be limited, which will increase your chances of winning. 

Do not give out your position

Something that is incredibly important but not that many talk about regarding defending in CS2 is your position. The fact that the Ts need to push to win around gives you a unique advantage because you can place yourself in a position where you will have the advantage. 

However, in order to use this advantage to your favor, you have to try and do everything possible not to give out your position. Keeping your opponent guessing is one of the best things you can do because they are way more likely to make a mistake. 

If you do something that gives out your position, perhaps it is better to try and rotate somewhere else. Also, you should definitely not do the same thing every single round because your opponents will expect it.

Something to keep in mind when holding given angles (especially with an AWP) is that the CS2 movement favors peekers. In other words, the units in the game move really fast, so there is a high chance you can miss your shot. To make up for this, you should always have some sort of cover that you can use.

The Economy when Defending in CS2

How to Defend in CS2 (2024)

If you want to learn how to defend in CS2, you must be aware of the economy in Counter-Strike 2.  We won’t go into much detail now, but what you should remember is that the CT in CS2 needs a bit more resources than Ts to be effective. The M4A4 and MA4A4-S cost more money than the AK-47, and CTs also need to get a Defusal Kit. Those things cost money, so learning how to manage your resources is incredibly important.

Once again, communication is key here, especially if you are playing with random people. You and your team should always be on the same page and know whether you are going to go for a full buy, half buy, or eco. If you are in an eco round, you should try to come up with a plan and use it to your advantage. For example, a lot of CTs may try to blow up at least a few Ts using 5 grenades, whereas others will try to stack on top of each other and secure as many kills as possible. It really depends on the situation.

Final Thoughts

The art of defending a given site in Counter-Strike 2 is not something you learn right away. In fact, you will probably have to spend thousands of hours playing until you are confident in what you are doing.

One way to speed up this process is by watching the best CS2 players in action. However, do not copy everything they do because you need to remember that they also have world-class teammates. That said, you can definitely “steal” something from them, such as having a better position, throwing specific utilities, and more. 

Another thing to remember is that every CS2 map is different. Some are easier to defend than others, so we suggest learning how to defend on one map and then focusing on the rest. This will give you more confidence. 

How to Defend in CS2 (2024)
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