How to Change Servers in Valorant

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How to Change Servers in Valorant

How to Change Servers in Valorant is a question you've likely asked if you end up here. Thankfully, the answer is pretty simple and requires just a couple of easy steps.

There's no real need for us to have a nice chat here; let's get straight into the action and get your servers changed in our How to Change Servers in Valorant guide.

How to Change Servers in Valorant


  • Open Valorant
  • Click Play to enter the mode selection screen
  • From here click the “ping” above your name (pictured below)
  • From here, you'll see the list of servers you are playing on. By default, this is all of them
  • Now, select the servers you want to have enabled. Try to avoid anything taking you over 100 ping if you can avoid it
  • Once these are selected, continue to play the game on whatever servers you've selected

Here is the above with images:

Select Play

Head to the main Play screen, where you select your game mode. This will bring up your party screen where you can move to the next step.

How to Change servers in Valorant

Select Your Ping

As shown at the bottom of the above screenshot, select the ping image below to move onto the server select screen.

How to Change servers in Valorant

Change to the servers you wish to use

Now we have the server selection screen. As we mention below, look to play at under 100 ping and consider the location of players using this server. If you're a French speaker, maybe stick to Paris, while those looking to play with folks in Eastern Europe should look to Warsaw or Istanbul. Stockholm is where you'll mostly find Russia players and those from the Nordic region. This will obviously change for players in NA etc.

How to Change servers in Valorant

And that's it. You're now only going to play on these servers. Servers shown vary depending on where you are in the World, and by default, players from certain regions will play on certain servers. For example, While Stockholm above is shown as my closest server, I mostly play with people in the UK, so for me it's easier to play on those servers. Also, for communication reasons, Stockholm tends to have a lot of players from Eastern Europe who tend not to speak as much English. This is something to consider yourself when selecting what servers you want to enable, and not just to consider the ping.

Unlike it Riot Games' other title, LoL, Valorant doesn't have separate ranks for different servers. So your rank isn't affected, only who you'll play with and your ping.

How to Change Servers in Valorant
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