How To Build A Working Elevator in Palworld

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How To Build A Working Elevator in Palworld

Learn how to build a working elevator in Palworld and aim for newer heights

Efficiency is the key to progression in Palworld. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the workbenches and Pals all around your sprawling base. A towering base that you can quickly navigate can be a real solution here, and one Palworld player has shown how the game’s grapple gun mechanics can be used to craft an elevator, garnering the attention of the official Palworld X handle. Discover how to build a working elevator in Palworld and ditch the stairs to reach any level of your building effortlessly!

Palworld Elevator: How It Works?

If this is the first time you heard of a Palworld elevator, you are not alone! A video shared on Palworld’s official X account (previously known as Twitter) featured a player demonstrating a base layout with two levels and a clever elevator for faster access to the higher floor, eliminating the need for stairs. The developers did not hide their surprise as they captioned the video, “Well…that was unexpected, they built an elevator.”

The video reveals a narrow vertical shaft that might appear odd at first, but its real purpose becomes clear as the player uses their Grappling Gun to ascend to the second level, making use of Palworld's quirky physics.

This base design has a fantastic feature: it looks like all the Pals are kept on the second level, leaving the first level for tasks that don't need them, like storage. This setup allows for hassle-free supply gathering without interfering with the working Pals.

Maintaining a tidy base in Palworld hinges on effective organization. Unorganized players often find their bases become insufficient as progress demands more space. While taller, multi-level bases offer organizational benefits, navigating between floors could pose a significant challenge. Thankfully, figuring out how to build a functional elevator in Palworld provides an elegant solution to this problem.

How to Build A Working Elevator in Palworld?

For your Palworld elevator, begin by creating a one by one foundation, or adjust the size based on your preference. Place a door and enter. Switch to placing walls and stack two on top of each other. Equip your grappling gun and shoot it upward. Then, switch to stone walls and repeatedly right-click to build walls upwards until you reach your desired elevator height. Stop building when you're satisfied. Finally, return to the bottom and repeat the process on the opposite side of the door to create a complete shaft. This will effectively transport you to the top of the elevator.

How To Get A Grappling Gun in Palworld?

How To Build A Working Elevator in Palworld

Credit: Pocket Pair Inc.

Knowing how to build a working elevator in Palworld will do you no good unless you know how to get a grappling gun in the game. Other than building elevators, a grappling gun can prove quite handy if you are yet to get your hands on a flying mount. Using the grappling gun is incredibly easy: simply equip it, aim, fire, and swing yourself around effortlessly. While it latches onto surfaces, don't expect to yoink your Pals towards you! However, acquiring this handy tool requires crafting it yourself. Just leveling up won’t unlock it since it’s considered ancient technology. Here's how to tackle that challenge:

If you want a Grappling Gun in Palworld, you gotta hit level 12 and collect some Ancient Technology Points to unlock the blueprint in the Technology menu. You can score these points by beating bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt at the Rayne Syndicate Tower, or by taking down the Alpha Pals marked on your map.

Your easiest target is the level 11 Chillet if you have just achieved level 12. The video below reveals its location. Don’t go in solo, though! Make sure to take a couple of pals along, a bow, and of course, an ample supply of arrows. A pal who can breathe fire can hand you a significant boost here.

Just like any other Alpha Pals, catching or killing the Chillet will give you Ancient Civilization points. After that, you can go to your Tech Tree and unlock the Grappling Gun in the purple section. To start crafting it, you will need to gather the following components:

  • 10x Ingots
  • 10x Paldium Fragments
  • 30x Fiber
  • 1x Ancient Civilization Part

Since you've already learned how to acquire the Ancient Civilization Part, let's focus on the other components. By this point in the game, you should have plenty of Paldium Fragments and Fiber in your stash. But if not, no worries! Paldium can be mined from deposits or found scattered around, while Fiber is readily available by chopping down trees.

Scavenging, however, won’t be an effective strategy for collecting ingots. Mining ore deposits and smelting them in a Primitive Furnace is the only way to get them. If you have a Pal with kindling work suitability, who doesn’t mind tending the furnace, the process will get much easier. Machines in your base have access to all chests, so just dump your ore in one and watch it transform into Ingots.

How To Build A Working Elevator in Palworld
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