How Do C4 Bombs Work In CS2?

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How Do C4 Bombs Work In CS2?

C4 bombs in CS2 have undergone significant changes in damage and range. Let’s find out how it compares to CSGO

The C4 bomb in CS2 beta testing is not the same as the one in CSGO. It has a much larger explosion range and inflicts more damage. Prominent British caster Jack “Jacky” Peters, who worked in events like the ESL Pro League Season 17 and IEM XIV Chicago, discovered these changes and explained them in a Twitter video.

C4 is an explosive device in CS that often falls short in highly competitive matches, where players have excellent aiming prowess. From a viewer’s perspective, save rounds are far from an exciting proposition in pro play, especially when CTs give up on retaking.

Valve's decision to increase the bomb explosion AoE and damage in CS2, however, will cause a seismic shift in the game’s C4 mechanics. It will force teams to adapt their strategies and make the game more exciting for spectators.

Recall the corner adjacent to the vents in Nuke, a favored location where Ts used to safeguard their weaponry. That spot is no longer secure. In CS2, any area encompassing a 2000+ unit range from the C4 holds potential threats. 

Consequently, seeking refuge at spots like Overpass waters, Mirage's b-short, or Nuke's site corners turns into a risky proposition for the Ts.

How Do C4 Bombs Work In CS2?


This change indirectly puts T-side players at a disadvantage, as they'll now need to venture off the site before the 10-second mark if they hope to live and hold on to their valuable AK-47s. As a result, CTs might have more chances to secure exit kills and potentially attempt daring ninja defuses, a rare occurrence in the current state of CSGO. 

Until now, Ts would linger on the site until a mere 5 seconds were left, thanks to the numerous strategies to endure the blast.

With these changes, CS2 compels players to approach the C4 with increased seriousness. Even though a notable part of the community expresses discontent over this alteration, there are those who are attempting to see the situation optimistically. 

How Do C4 Bombs Work In CS2?

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Concerning the enhancement of the viewer experience, this adjustment injects a considerable amount of dynamism into CS2. To provide an example, CTs are now exposed to the risk of losing their valuable weapons due to inopportune ninja defuses.

Additionally, defusing the C4 would become a more manageable task, leading to an increase in high-octane retake sequences that fans can enjoy. This shift would position the C4 as a focal point of gameplay, especially in competitive scenarios, resulting in a substantial boost in the overall thrill of CS2 matches.

On the other hand, Valve could be preparing to introduce significant changes to the radius. It's conceivable that the radius may retain a broader span than what's seen in CSGO, but there's a possibility that specific adjustments will be made to better suit the needs of players participating in matchmaking (MM).

How Do C4 Bombs Work In CS2?
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