HotelPlanner Announces Collaboration With IGC’s CS:GO And LoL Teams

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HotelPlanner Announces Collaboration With IGC’s CS:GO And LoL Teams

Los Angeles-based esports gaming company, Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) said it has started a multi-year partnership with the website HotelPlanner, which offers accommodation booking service.

This latest move is part of several other deals signed by IGC with commercial partners in a bid to generate revenue and boost the profile of its esports organizations across a slew of different industries.

It is expected that the deal will cover the two famous IGC’s successful esports teams. This includes both the CS:GO team MIBR and their League of Legends LCS team Immortals.

Both Immortals and MIBR will make collaborative content as part of the agreement that will highlight HotelPlanner. Aside from that, the site will be recognized as the “Official Hotel Booking Partner” of both the Immortals and MIBR teams.

Content will feature video diaries from players of both teams. This will give fans a glimpse of a regular day of a top esports player. Moreover, it will include traveling around the world whenever permissible. Plus, viewers can check out the accommodation players are likely to use when staying in a location for a tournament.

Travel Element

According to an IGC spokesperson, the partnership between IGC and HotelPlanner builds excitement among their Immortals and MIBR teams. As travel resumes, they are sure that HotelPlanner will offer their teams the best service possible. And also their passionate esports fans who are traveling around the world to root for their favorite teams and players.

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“HotelPlanner’s partnership with IGC illustrates its commitment to support the rapidly growing esports ecosystem,” the spokesperson added.

Partnership for the Future?

This deal is widely considered as one for the future. Due to the ongoing pandemic. International travel has reduced significantly due to the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic, while some countries have completely prohibited it. In other words, either of IGC’s two teams will not be able to cash in on the partnership any time soon.

This also includes players from each team receiving advice in terms of selecting the best hotels to stay in at a specific location around the world from HotelPlanner staff.

The esports industry has also been affected by the lockdown. As a result, teams haven't resume traveling around the world competitions. However, the IGC appears to be planning ahead. They'll be able to ensure that at least their two teams can take advantage of HotelPlanner’s links within the industry. Along with this, they can identify top-rated, esports-friendly hotels across the globe.

President of the Americas for HotelPlanner Bruce Rosenberg, however, noted that other people aside from the players will be eligible to get the advantage of this collaboration.

Following the announcement of their partnership, Rosenberg wrote, “HotelPlanner is a big believer in IGC and the esports category to continue building its online brand and hotel booking capabilities.”

“HotelPlanner will assist fans attending tournaments worldwide by making great tournament rates available from hotels and other accommodation types. HotelPlanner will bring online and in-person travel together to create the best fan experience.”

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