HEET Players Become Free Agents

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HEET Players Become Free Agents

Belgian side HEET no longer has an active roster after struggling to pay salaries to their players for months

Pierre “⁠Ex3rcice⁠” Bulinge has announced that he and his fellow HEET players have left the organization and are actively looking for new teams to represent. The French rifler broke the news on Twitter. 

As of now, the players are not seeking individual opportunities. The roster will stay together and play under the banner Looking4Org until they find another organization to join.

HEET lost its roster only days after report came out that the organization could not pay player salaries regularly because of their severe financial problems. months. Vivien “⁠GoY⁠” Goyon, the HEET manager, has talked to reporters about the latest development.

He confirmed that Thomas “⁠Djoko⁠” Pavoni and Lucas “⁠Lucky⁠” Chastang have revoked their contracts while the others were also on the verge of leaving. 

HEET are newcomers in the CSGO scene, having entered the scene as recently as in 2022. They took over DBL PONEY's roster and handed out two-year contracts to the players. This raised some eyebrows among those who were aware of the team's financial abilities. Apparently, the club barely had resources to meet one year contract obligations. Making two year commitments were quite risky. 

Alexandre “⁠bodyy⁠” Pianaro led the original HEET lineup, which stayed together for the first eight months. Lucas “⁠Lucky⁠” Chastang was the first player to leave the club, who would eventually return. Audric “⁠JACKZ⁠” Jug came in from G2 as his replacement. HEET convinced JACKZ to pay a part of his transfer fee out of his pocket. The club was supposed to reimburse him, but they never did. The entry fragger did not receive his wages in full before he left the team.

Bryan “⁠Maka⁠” Canda joined the team in 2023 and Lucky also returned. Ali “⁠hAdji⁠” Haïnouss signed for HEET in April and the ex-Falcon man was vital in HEET's CCT Central Europe Season 6 success. 

HEET won a number of online competitions, but they could not feature in a Valve-endorsed tournament. 

HEET Players Become Free Agents
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