Hard-Shift for Western Competitive PUBG

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Hard-Shift for Western Competitive PUBG

Proceeding the conclusion of regional preseasons around the world with the top 16 teams in each region moving forward to Phase 1 of their corresponding Pro League; PUBG Corporation is following through on their plan to implement a “Global Competitive Ruleset” to all Official Leagues going into the 2019 season. This is part of an ongoing effort to create a universal format for competitive PUBG. Without any announcement regarding the change, just weeks away from the start of Phase 1 for most, PUBG Corp. has applied what may be the Official 2019 Competitive Ruleset to each region’s private scrims.



As shown, these new settings are very comparable to those previously used in most Asian PUBG leagues with abundant loot and a high value placed on kills. These key similarities will lead to little change in gameplay overall for Asian teams going into Phase 1; while changing several fundamental aspects of strategy for North American and European teams.


Prior to this, the North American and European scenes had predominantly used the “V3” Competitive Settings developed by Auzom/GLL. This system rewards 400 points for first place and 16 per kill; which causes teams to strategize around obtaining placement over kills due to their relatively low value when compared to a first place. In addition to only slightly increased loot, these settings developed a meta with a slow early game and teams skirting aggression. Collectively this resulted in an inadequate spectating experience which likely contributed to the relatively low viewership for previous major events in the West.


Featuring increased AR spawn rates, magnified kill value, a shorter early game, and more than doubled SR and DMR rates. This new ruleset seems directed at resolving the aforementioned issues by creating a fast-paced and combative environment that rewards aggression when compared to V3 settings. North American and European teams will only have a short period of time to adjust to this shift in gameplay before Phase 1 begins, this presents an opportunity for lesser-known teams to create influence within their respective regions while the reigning teams adapt their strategies to the changing meta.

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