Guild Release New Game Changers Rosters

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Guild Release New Game Changers Rosters

Guild X’s former rosters have been released, with the organization a new five with a coach for the upcoming Game Changers events

Guild’s Game Changer team, Guild X, have just gone through major changes as they have parted ways with the previous members and signed new ones. The former Guild X members where Karina “Karina” Wurm, Yağmur “Smurfette” Gündüz, Anja “aNNja” Vasalic Neslişah “Ness” Demir and Weronika “speedowka” Dabrowska.

Guild X New Game Changers Roster

The newly signed roster for Guild’s Game Changer squad consists of the following members –

  • Clara “Cla” Rossi – Cla is a former CSGO player from France who started her VALORANT journey as a professional in 2021 for GangsterzZ. She had participated in EMEA Game Changers tournaments before but never had the opportunity to compete in international events.
  • Sophia “Kim” Benfakir – Kim is also a French player who shared teams with Cla before, and similar to her teammate, she also has a history in competitive CSGO. 
  • Siana “sia” Matri – The 23-year-old started her VALORANT career in 2021 and has only won the Contenders Legion: Athena Series so far. 
  • Lucy “Sliicyy” Tran – Sliicyy had been in a few of the same teams as Kim and Cla, with CBA being her most recent journey. She has won both Series 1 and 2 of 2021’s EMEA Game Changers events but hasn’t participated in any global stage.
  • Laure “Xaline” Mateos – Xaline was also part of CBA’s roster before joining Guild X, and she is yet to compete in an S-tier event.

This new roster will have their first match together in Series 2 of the EMEA Game Changers event. Guild X have finished 4th in Series 1, getting closer to qualifying for the Global Game Changers, which will take place on November 28 this year.

Game Changers VALORANT

Credit: Riot Games

Guild Release New Game Changers Rosters
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