Grimmmz wins DoorDash’s MultiVersus Battle of the Brands

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Grimmmz wins DoorDash’s MultiVersus Battle of the Brands

Welcome to Chili's, where we serve good food and win MultiVersus tournaments.

DoorDash is pretty new to the gaming space with DoorDash Gaming, but they're already pulling out all the stops for their esports tournaments. 

Battle of the Brands

DoorDash recently announced a MultiVersus Battle of the Brands; 10 streamers and food brands (Mostly fast food) teamed up in an epic 2-day tournament to see which streamer and brand would come out on top. Prizes of 35K USD in cash and other goodies were up for grabs. 

The ten streamers and fast food brands competing were:

  • Grimmmz and Chili's
  • GernaderJake and BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse
  • CupAhNoodle and Blaze Pizza
  • Jericho and Del Taco
  • GrandPooBear and Dunkin'
  • FaZe Mew and FaZe Subs
  • Aydan and It's Just Wings
  • Anthony_Kongphan and KFC
  • Ekuegan and Taco Bell
  • Nadia and Wendy's

Day 1 of the tournament consisted of Round Robin matches. Grimmmz and Anthony_Kongphan absolutely dominated the field. Anthony_Kongphan only took a single loss, and Grimmmz ended Day 1 undefeated. Both were clear contenders for taking home the grand prize. 

Day 2 switched things up to Bracket Play. Both Grimmmz and Anthony_Kongphan dominated the competition, sweeping everyone they faced. Then, the two faced off themselves. 

Anthony_Kongphan managed to defeat Grimmmz in their first matchup and send Grimmmz to the Losers Bracket with a 3-1 victory. Grimmmz would defeat Aydan 3-0 in the Losers Bracket Finals to set up a rematch with Anthony_Kongphan in the Grand Finals. 

Coming out of the Losers Bracket and taking home the grand prize is no easy feat in fighting game tournaments. You have to win two sets, while the Winners Bracket finalist only needs to win one set. Grimmz had his work cut out for him.

But, against all odds, Grimmmz pulled it off, and 25,000 people tuned in on Twitch to see him do it. Grimmz won the first set 3-1 to reset the bracket and would secure total victory with a 3-0 shutout in the second set. And did I mention he did it using Iron Giant against Harley Quinn?

Most MultiVersus tier lists rank Harley Quinn as top tier, while Iron Giant typically brings up the rear as one of the lowest ranked characters in the game. Anthony_Kongphan switched from Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn, and it looks like it cost him big time. 

The Battle of the Brands finale reminds us of HookGangGod taking down SonicFox at the DBZ Summit of Power 2018 as a Piccolo main (As in, back when Piccolo was lower mid-tier). You love to see an underdog win. 

As winner of The Battle of the Brands, Grimmmz took home $15,000 cash and a year's supply of DoorDash. Anthony_Kongphan took home $5,000 cash and six months of DoorDash gift cards.

The competitors aren't the only ones who won during The Battle of the Brands. 100 Viewers in the chat had the opportunity to score $100 DoorDash gift cards. DoorDash also held a special giveaway on Twitter that gave away 2 $50 DoorDash gift cards, DoorDash gaming hoodies, DoorDash gaming water bottles, and DoorDash gaming hats. 

Congratulations to Grimmz for winning the first (of hopefully many) Battle of the Brands!

The Future of MultiVersus Is Looking Bright

MultiVersus is, without a doubt, the breakout esports star of the year. Record-breaking player records at launch, 10 million player milestone smashed in less than a month, a crazy 100K tournament debut at EVO, and now this. The money, hype and viewership are all there, and we can't wait to see how high MultiVersus climbs.

Speaking of MultiVersus, get ready for the well-anticipated release of Rick, coming to MultiVersus tomorrow!

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Grimmmz wins DoorDash’s MultiVersus Battle of the Brands
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