MultiVersus Season 2 Launches – Changes and Big New Content

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MultiVersus Season 2 Launches – Changes and Big New Content

We’ve gotten our first look at MultiVersus Season 2, new modes, characters, maps and more coming to the game.

MultiVersus Season 2 has just launched! This latest expansion to the fighter looks set to build on everything that Season 1 did well. Since launch, we’ve had some delays but gotten a wide cast of characters, from Gremlins to Rick and Morty. The latest season is set to bring even more exciting content to the game, exciting especially as MultiVersus esports are growing all the time.

This is everything that’s changed in MultiVersus Season 2:

MultiVersus Season 2 – What’s Coming?

New Characters in MultiVersus Season 2

Just like in games like Smash Bros, new characters for MultiVersus are some of most exciting additions. Season 2 isn’t launching with any added in immediately. However, we have gotten a reveal for the next character that’s coming to the game. It’s going to be Marvin the Martian.

Marvin the Martin Coming in Season 2

MultiVersus Season 2 Update - Marvin the Martin

Marvin the Martian is going to be the next addition to MultiVersus Season 2. He’ll be joining Bugs bunny as another Looney Tunes rep. Marvin is a Martian sent to conquer earth, but he often just ends up in misadventures. The character is one of the older ones in Warner Bros’ archive, first appearing in a short in 1948. Although, with so many old characters getting new life in MultiVersus he has plenty of company.

Marvin the Martian is probably best known for his kind of silly voice. He isn’t the most common Looney Tunes character to pop up in modern interpretations, losing space to Taz and other characters over the years. He’s a fun addition for MultiVersus Season 2. His more out-there space invading background is going to allow for a pretty creative moveset, even within the Looney Tunes characters.

We don’t have the full details on his moves or how he’ll play just yet. He is likely to be the first addition for MultiVersus Season 2 though, so we can probably expect to see him sooner rather than later.

New Map in MultiVersus Season 2

MultiVersus Season 2 Update - Game of Thrones Map

A new map is going to hit the game with the latest season. This is a map straight from Game of Thrones, giving the reps from that franchise a home in the game. The map pulls from the Throne room of that series. You can also catch a remix of Game of Thrones’ main theme playing in the map, that changes depending on where in the map you are.

Network Changes in MultiVersus Season 2

One change that’s less exciting but needed is the network and latency improvements. This is vital for a fighting game. Not the most eye-catching, but it’s definitely an area which is going to have the biggest impact of quality of life going forward. Season 2 is going to be implementing multi-path network traffic acceleration This is supposed to improve stability and latency for players anywhere in the world. The developers are planning on doing more to improve connection, which is always reassuring for a fighter.

MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass

MultiVersus Season 2 Update - Cosmetics

The MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass is having a few changes as the game finds its feet. It is getting more badges, along with new character variants that you can pick up. New cosmetics are being added too, like ringout effects that let you customize how you eliminate your opponents.

The MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass will also contain plenty of new additions to replace what was available last season. These include some new skins, like Astronaut Velma, and Baker Street Tom and Jerry. There are rewards for free and premium players here.

MultiVersus Ranked Mode

MultiVersus Ranked Mode

The MultiVersus Ranked mode in Season 1 has just concluded, running as a trial. Developers have confirmed more is coming in MultiVersus Season 2. Although, not too many details just yet. They’ve promised a separate queue for ranked with its own rewards. It’s going to be fun to see when this comes back and if there’s any major changes compared to the initial trial.

MultiVersus Season 2 Patch Notes

MultiVersus Season 2 Ranked Mode

Those are some of the big additions we can expect to come throughout MultiVersus Season 2. While a lot of games use new seasons to do an initial drop of content, MultiVersus more uses them as a divider with content coming regularly through the Season not all at once. There are some decent changes to the game with the new update though. These are the MultiVersus Season 2 patch notes:

Battle Pass

The biggest change off the back is a new Battle Pass. There’s been some slight changes, like tiers without rewards being removed, and lowering the number of points on each tier. The new Battle Pass is available now.

MultiVersus Season 2 Badges

There’s another change to cosmetics in MultiVersus Season 2. You can now use 3 different badges to show off your picks. This is going to become a more important change as more and more badges get added into the game.

MultiVersus Store

One more cosmetic or monetization change is the opening of a MultiVersus store. You can now use this to look through all of the skins and different characters available in the game.

Traffic Acceleration

The traffic acceleration previously mentioned is turned on in the game. Players should see some improvement in connections with the MultiVersus Season 2 release. This will continue to develop as time goes on.

MultiVersus Season 2 Map Changes

While new maps aren’t here just yet, the new update has brought changes to the existing maps. These are the alterations we’ve seen:

Scooby’s Mansion (No Roof)

  • Blastbox has increased in size by 10%
  • Map size has been increased in size too, to try and slowdown the ringout process and make it a less volatile place.

Space Jam

  • The map will now keep score of the baskets you make, a nice touch. The scores will even be up on the big screen.
  • The baskets that you score will award points too. You’ll get more points for scoring from further away.
  • When a player is attacked while holding the basketball, they will drop the basketball.
  • The walls can’t be attacked, and now break when a player wall bounces.
  • This map will stay only accessible in custom matches and the lab.


The tutorial has had a few changes in this update. This won’t affect most payers right now, since they are already through it. These are the changes though.

  • Tutorial has been simplified; a few different stages have been taken out.
  • Voice over clips have been removed.
  • You can go into the Arcade or a match straight out of the intro tutorial now.

Silly Queue

Silly queue was a nice addition on a recent patch. It’s had a new game mode added which might be familiar if you used to use cheat codes in the more retro days of gaming. Big head mode has been added in. As expected, players are going to have huge heads. There’s also going to be cooldown reductions in this mode.

New Items in MultiVersus Season 2

MultiVersus has had a few new items added to the pool with the most recent update. These are the new items:

  • Bounce Pad – This is a pad with a sprint on it then launches players upwards when they step on it.
  • proximity Mine – A mine you can place on the map that sets off when a player gets too close to it.
  • Drumstick – This is a cooked chicken leg. When you throw it against an enemy, it’ll turn them into a chicken for a brief period.

Cosmetics in MultiVersus Season 2

MultiVersus Season 2 Update - New Cosmetics

MultiVersus Season 2 has added a good number of brand-new cosmetics. These skins offer you a way to spice up your main, letting you pick from different outfits. These aren’t just alternative color schemes though. Most of the cosmetics pull from the source material behind a character, for a fun look that fans of that franchise are going to appreciate. These are the new cosmetics.

  • Evil Morty – Morty with a cape and an eyepatch, a reoccurring villain in Rick and Morty.
  • Samurai Batman – Samurai Batman puts batman in traditional samurai gear from the Batman Ninja movie.
  • Farn – This green version of Finn is an antagonist in Adventure Time.
  • Uncle Shagworthy – This puts Shaggy in a gown and monocle, making him look a lot more uptight than his standard laid-back look. This character is Shaggy’s uncle and a rich jewel dealer.
  • Baker Street Tom and Jerry – This one has Tom and Jerry in a Sherlock Holmes inspired outfit, from the 2010 direct-to-video film Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes.
  • Astronaut Velma – This one puts Velma in an astronaut outfit. Surprisingly, across the incarnations of the franchise, the Scooby Doo gang have ran into astronauts quite a lot.
  • Tea Time Reindog – Multiversus’ original character Reindog gets a tea-themed outfit in MultiVersus Season 2.
  • Maestro Bugs Bunny – The conductor outfitted Bugs is a pretty common sight but might be specifically from the Conductor and the Fan Rabbit, the 1949 60th Bugs Bunny short., it’s a nice inclusion in this season’s Battle Pass.

Perk Changes in MultiVersus Season 2

The perks for MultiVersus Season 2 have had some light changes, but they haven’t reworked all too many of them. These are the changes:

  • School Me Once – Projective block buff duration is reduced to 1 second, stacked duration reduced by half too, and block buff won’t be consumed by light projectile attacks either.
  • Ice to Beat you! – Ice stacks will only be applied by heavy projectiles now.

Character Changes in MultiVersus Season 2

MultiVersus Ranked Mode

The big alteration for most players this season is going to be the changes to characters and their kit. If you want to keep using your main in the new season, you’ll need to keep an eye on what’s changed for your favourite characters. These are all of the hero changes in MultiVersus Season 2:


  • The betrayal perk enrages Allies and Arya, but deal 3x weakened after 5x


  • Glide’s hurtbox has been fixed to prevent attacks accidentally missing.
  • Ground Down will delay when moving into a dodge or a jump, to stop players chaining this move.
  • Aerial Down Special has had its ability to combo endlessly removed.
  • Bouncerant’s weakened stack is reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Aerial Slide Attack can get cancelled into wall slides five frames earlier.

Black Adam

  • Electric tether hitbox has been fixed to match up with the visuals.
  • Ground Side Attack has a smaller hitbox
  • Grounded Neutral Attack has had the hitbox removed on arms.
  • Ground Up Special lift off starts 3 frames earlier.
  • Ground Side Special’s Acceleration and hitstun projectile speed are increased.
  • Ground Up attack now has added armor.


  • Bugs’ arial neutral attack branches into a jump earlier.


  • Weight is reduced from 55 to 49 in MultiVersus Season 2.
  • Aerial Neutral Attack activate frames start 2 frames earlier.
  • Armored buns buff buff isn’t consumed by light projectile attacks.


  • Garnett has had a bug with her hurtbox fixed.


  • Grounded up attack adds ammo to popcorn, it returns some ammo every 10 seconds.
  • Grounded Aerial Neutral Attack when going through popcorn increases knockback from 8 to 10, knockback scaling from 12-13, and base knockback from 1250 to 1350.


  • Weight has dropped to 48 from 44.
  • Grounded Aerial Neutral Special’s bat bomb hitbox will hit more reliably.
  • Grounded side attack’s jump and dodge cancel window are now later.
  • Grounded Side Attack’s knockback angle on the second jab is pushed up to remove a combo.
  • Grounded Side Attack can now cancel to other attacks 1 frame earlier.


  • Jake’s neutral special’s wall bounce angle has been adjusted to be higher.


  • Down Special without a basketball will block other LeBron’s basketballs.


  • Grounded Neutral Attack’s Jab hitbox has been reduced to match the visuals and size better.


  • Neutral Attack has had inconsistencies fixed.


  • Aerial Side Attack now allows ground momentum movement while charging a knee. This should make him more fluid.

Steven Universe

  • Grounded Down Special’s watermelon seed hurtbox has been shrunk to fit the visuals better.


  • Stripe’s weight has been reduced from 46 to 52.

Tom and Jerry

  • Aerial Up Special’s explosion hitbox has been altered.
  • Aerial Up Special’s kicked rocket is now a projectile.


  • Neutral Special has changed, Megaphone is now a projectile.
  • Aerial Up Attack has 2 less active frames.
  • Grounded Side Special has a whole 12 more seconds of cooldown added! 

Those are all of the major changes with MultiVersus Season 2. It’s an exciting time for the game, and fans should stay tuned for when the new characters finally hit the live servers. The new season looks set to be one of the most exciting periods yet for MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Season 2 Launches – Changes and Big New Content
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