MultiVersus Patch Notes v1.05 – Black Adam, Arcade Mode, and Silly Queue Are Here

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MultiVersus Patch Notes v1.05 – Black Adam, Arcade Mode, and Silly Queue Are Here

Everything we know about the Multiversus Season 1.05 Patch!

A big patch has hit MultiVersus today with exciting and shocking new additions to the latest and greatest gaming brawler.

MultiVersus Season 1.05 Patch Notes 

General Fixes

  • Increased chance of zany items spawning
  • Anvil item added to the item pool
  • Spike and Aerial Moves section of the Tutorial removed

Attack Decay

  • Level 1 of Attack Decay increased to 80% reduction of stun up from 60%
  • Level 2 of Attack Decay increased to 90% reduction of stun up from 70%
  • Level 3 of Attack Decay increased to 95% reduction of stun up from 80%
  • Level 4 of Attack Decay increased to 97.5% reduction of stun up from 90%

Born Out Of Rage

Initially planned for released last week, Player First Games pushed Black Adam's release to October 31. He's here now with his classic comic book look. Unlockable with 800 Gleamium, I'm sure we'll see a DCEU Dwayne Johnson cosmetic soon enough. 

If you plan on grinding out the Halloween event, Black Adam grants additional candy during the event period. You still have two weeks to grind, which is plenty of time to snag all the Halloween rewards. Stay tuned to see how Black Adam ranks on the tier list!

Arcade Mode

The long-awaited Arcade Mode's Alpha is now live. 

  • Players can play alone or with a friend on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty. 
  • Successfully clearing a run through Arcade Mode will reward you with a star on your chosen character during the selection screen. 
  • The star will be bronze, silver, or gold, depending on the difficulty setting
  • 1v1 and 2v2 Arcade Mode have separate star set rewards.
  • Medium and Hard Mode pit you against three bosses, including your Nemesis Rival.

Silly Queue!

Silly Queue is the place to be for people who want to have fun and be goofy. 

  • Silly Queue is the official casual game mode center, and Player First will add additional game modes to Silly Queue in the future. 
  • Silly Queue will start with several modifiers in 2v2 matches. New modifiers will come in the future. 
  • Growth Spurt increases your character's size the more damage they deal to opponents. 
  • Item spawns & a shrinking blast box for the final point are included in Silly Queue.

Battlepass Extension

  • The Battle Pass has been extended to level 53 with new free and premium rewards.


Scooby Mansion (No Roof Version)

  • A new roofless version of Scooby Mansion is now in multiple queues. 

Space Jam (Experimental)

  • Available for play in Custom or the Lab.
  • Currently working on Space Jam to ensure it will be a fair inclusion in 1v1 and 2v2 queues.

Sky Arena

  • New music track.


  • Ultra-Warrior Shaggy (Unlockable with 800 Gleamium)
  • Bugs Bunny Tune Squad Variant 1 (Unlockable with 800 Gleamium)
  • Bugs Bunny Tune Squad Variant 2 (Unlockable with 800 Gleamium)
  • Taz Tune Squad (Unlockable with 800 Gleamium)
  • BMO Announcer Pack (Unlockable with 600 Gleamium)
  • Black Adam Legendary Profile Icon (Unlockable with 35,000 Gold)

Character Updates


  • Hit frames for Ground/Air Up Special moved back 1 frame.
  • Branching to side Special (Dagger throw) on hit has been moved back 6 frames. 
  • Ground/Air Side Special: Dagger Hitting Ally or enemy now returns 25% of cooldown instead of 50%.
  • Branching to Side Special on hit has been moved back 6 frames.
  • Dash to dagger from minimum travel time increased from 0.23 seconds to 0.275 seconds.
  • Fixed bug where if an enemy died with the knife in them, it would remain in them when they respawned.


  • 3 frames of endlag added to Air Down Attack.

Bugs Bunny

  • Increased base knockback of Ground Side Attack from 600 to 800 on first two hits.
  • 0.5 knockback scaling added on first two hits.


  • Errant hitbox on Finn's body removed from Ground/Air Neutral Special Attack
  • 4 frames of endlag added to High Five
  • Increased whiff lag of Air Neutral Attack by 5 frames


  • Early cancel on hit for side to up attack combo added.
  • Side to down combo attack damage increased from 6 to 7, and knockback scaling from 12 to 15.
  • Ground/Air Neutral Special speed of stacking sing buff increased from 0.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Duration of sing buff stack increased from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds.


  • Hitbox size of Air Down Attack has been increased.

Iron Giant

  • Experimental tag removed
  • Branching into Side Ground Special (Grab) from landing delayed on Air Down Attack.
  • Active hit frames startup of Side Ground Special delayed by 2 frames. Infinite combo potential is now eliminated. 


  • Start up active frames for Air Down Attack start 1 frame later.
  • Recovery increased by 3 frames after the third hit.


  • Ground Down Attack now breaks armor when basketball is equipped.


  • When Hammer Perk is equipped, hit pause of Ground Side Attack is reduced from 0.3 seconds to 0.175 seconds.
  • Adjusted knockback angle of Air Down Attack to be more horizontal.
  • Increased recovery of Air Down Attack by 1 frame.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing equipped stickers from playing.
  • Combo hit 2 of Ground Side Attack more likely to connect.


  • Experimental tag removed
  • Fixed bug where held items would appear on the wrong hand.
  • Fixed bug where enemies could dodge out of the portal and not be hit stunned.
  • Fixed bug where you could infinitely summon meeseeks.


  • Pulling ally while they are in the grace area of the Blastzone of Air/Ground Neutral Special no longer rings out the ally.
  • Set the max size of Reindog's fireball of Ground/Air Down Special to be 7 times its initial size.
  • Fireball lifetime of Ground/Air Down Special reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.
  • Fireball of Ground/Air Down Special no longer spawns a fire wall. There's now more consequence to fireball spamming.
  • Combo attack 1 knockback direction pushed up more for Ground Side Attack.
  • Knockback angle of Air Down Attack increased to be more horizontal.
  • Increased endlag (recovery) of Air Side Special by 4 frames.
  • Moved back land cancelling of Air Side Special by 4 frames.
  • Increased hitbox of Air Side Special by 50%.


  • Using Raged Sandwich removes rage buff during Ground/Air Down Special.
  • On Hit for Air Down Attack, Dodge and Jump branch pushed 4 frames later.


  • Movement speed increased by 50.


Air/Ground Neutral Special

  • Stripes gun reload for Air/Ground Neutral Special will now take 14 seconds but will reload all 3 shots. Any shot will reset the reload time to 14 seconds.
  • 5 frames of whiff recovery added to Forward Air Attack. 
  • Hitboxes on Forward Air Attack will now not hit behind him.
  • Leap perk speed given reduced from 50% to 35%. Duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Updated Stripe's move list to represent his gameplay.


  • Defense Meter Return per tick reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Preventing falling after a successful throw of Air Side Special.
  • Increased base knockback on down throw of Air Up Special from 425 to 525. 


  • Taz default taunt will now play sticker emotes.
  • Fixed bug where chicken legs would spawn in the middle of the arena
  • Fixed bug where Taz would not be able to eat projectiles after being knocked out.
  • Fixed bug where Taz could walk with an eaten enemy if he got hit right when he ate a fighter.

Tom and Jerry

  • Increased cork ammo of Ground/Air Up Special from 2 to 3.
  • Fix for Jerry rocket functionality. It will now properly apply projectile perks to the first enemy fighter hit.

Wonder Woman

  • Fixed a bug where Wonder Woman using her lasso in air and then landing would cause the animation to not play.
  • Fix for ground up special floating sometimes not triggering.