How to Attempt to Get MultiVersus Refunds on All 3 Platforms

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How to Attempt to Get MultiVersus Refunds on All 3 Platforms

MultiVersus refunds aren’t going to be offered by devs, but here’s how you can try and get your money back on each of the major platforms that offered the game.

MultiVersus has just announced that it’s shutting down for at least a year after updates slowed to a crawl. In a lot of ways, it's good news. This will give a chance for the game to try to regroup and deliver on all that potential, provided it actually does see a full release eventually. A lot of fans have one question, however, where do I get my refund?

MultiVersus might have been free to play, but players were able to spend money on cosmetics. Quite a lot of cosmetics in some cases. If you’ve made a purchase in MultiVersus and feel you’d like a refund in light of the game being effectively locked for the foreseeable future, what are your options? Well, they aren’t the brightest.

The title has specifically ruled out refunds because of the closedown, which is kind of outrageous. A live-as-a-service game going silent on promised updates before closing down for the foreseeable future is usually a case where you’d expect something back. There are options, though. While you can’t specifically name the closedown as a reason you might want your money back (for some reason), you might be able to get one if you fit the right conditions on your platform. This is how to apply for MultiVersus refunds on each platform, so if you’re angry about the closure, you can at least say you tried!

MultiVersus refunds

Can You Get MultiVersus Refunds?

A MultiVersus refund because of the closed beta closing isn’t something that they’re going to be honoring. Specifically, if your only reason for a refund is because the game is shutting down, then you’re unlikely to get it.

That’s the bad news. The good is that the game does have a refund policy otherwise, as do some of the platforms if you’ve been playing MultiVersus on PS4 or Xbox. It’s not like you’re hooked up to a lie detector when filling in the reason part, so it’s at least worth a shot at grabbing a MultiVersus refund. These are the platforms, what they say about refunds, and how to apply for one in each store.

Trying for MultiVersus Refunds on PlayStation

The new Sony PS5 console, a sleek white and black design with angled edges.

You might think consoles provide a bit more refund protection, but there’s still not the best system set up here. If it’s been a while since you bought the item or you’ve played a lot in the interim, the game going offline for a bit won’t automatically entitle you to your money back. There is one case where you can likely grab a refund, however.

Once you’ve purchased an “item” from the store or in-game content, you have 14 days to attempt to grab a refund. If you’ve already started to play the content, you’re out of luck. However, for some MultiVersus purchases, this might apply. This is an area where the slap-dash updates in recent months might actually work in the consumer's favor; it’s not like there’s been a reason to hop in lately.

If you think your purchase can fit these requirements, then you can apply for a PlayStation refund here. Just specify it’s a refund you’re contacting support about.

Even if you are outside the date, it might be worth giving this one a shot. While the policy is specific, they’ve broken it thanks to an outcry in the past. Sony famously handed out full refunds to Cyberpunk purchasers regardless of their policy. Even though Cyberpunk grew a lot eventually, they broke their policy thanks to public outcry over the state of the game. If enough people try this option, they may do the same here.

Trying for a Refund on Xbox

MultiVersus Refunds on Xbox

Similar to PS, there is a separate system here for asking for a refund directly from Xbox. It will come down to how much you’ve used the item, though. Xbox’s store has a policy of refunds in the first 14 days, just like PlayStation. Unlike PlayStation, though, they’re more generous with what counts as playing a game properly. That could make them more generous for MultiVersus refunds. They also specify that refunds are eligible for in-game currency that wasn’t used. That might help you get that floating balance of in-game cash back and not lock up indefinitely without ever being spent.

Xbox will consider refunds if you’ve not “accumulated a significant amount of playtime”. This bodes well if you’ve not touched the game in quite a while. In any case, this is a vague enough description that it’s worth a shot.

To run through the MultiVersus refunds process on this console, visit here and sign in to start going through the process.

MultiVersus Refunds on PC

MultiVersus Refunds on PC

This is probably the most difficult, but let’s face it, the odds on all of them are kind of low. Here your only recourse is through MultiVersus itself. Developers Player First Games were clear the game shutting down wasn’t a good enough reason to get a refund. Any requests in this period are likely going to be written off as “because of the closure”.

On the Epic Games Store, they do have a more coherent refund policy. They don’t allow refunds for in-game currency, though, which is a problem. Those that are marked as eligible have 14 days to be refunded, but you have to have used it for less than 2 hours of in-game time. If your purchases meet this requirement, you can use the section on your account on the Epic Games site to request it. It’s also here you can check eligibility. Given that this store is built on V-Bucks and Fortnite skin sales, it makes sense they’d be pretty clear about in-game items.

Are MultiVersus Refunds Likely?

While getting a MultiVersus refund on the cosmetics you’ve grabbed would be great (and with the game’s eventual release now a mystery, probably deserved), things don’t look that promising right now.

MultiVersus Refunds

Console players have the most reason to be hopeful for getting some cash back. Both platforms have shown a willingness to take the consumer's side over developers in situations like this in the past. Although, it really just depends on how big of an issue this becomes. Player First Games, for their part, seem to have been clear that they’re not giving the money back.

The offline section of the game will still be available throughout the gap too. Someone really determined to get their money’s worth could probably lab to the point they’re an esports-level fighter by the time the game is supposed to be returning. Although, with only a vague date and this track record, grinding at Smash or Nick-All Stars would probably be a better use of that time.

How to Attempt to Get MultiVersus Refunds on All 3 Platforms
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