“Global offline events will always be the crown jewel of PUBG Esports” — A Chat With Everett Coleman Head of PUBG Esports, Americas

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“Global offline events will always be the crown jewel of PUBG Esports” — A Chat With Everett Coleman Head of PUBG Esports, Americas

We chat with Everett Coleman about PUBG Esports and what we can expect from PUBG tournaments in a post-Covid world.

ESTNN spoke with Everett Coleman to get his thoughts on the current PUBG Esports scene in NA. As well as the challenges faced by the team organizing tournaments during such testing times.

PUBG Continental Series 4 Through the Organiser’s Lens

How happy are you with the current progress of the PCS4 event?

EC: We are very happy with the progress of PCS4 Americas. This event represents a resurgence of studio broadcasts after such a long period of time working from home due to COVID. Bringing our new PUBG Santa Monica studio to life and seeing our entire production crew, observer team, and talent back together in person again has been an incredibly rewarding experience. This event is a true testament to the hard work and resilience of our entire team. And we could not be more proud to produce a successful PCS4 broadcast.

The PCS 4 has seen a 20% increase in its prize pool from the last iteration of the event. How does KRAFTON and the team plan to increase the prize pool, quality and reach of the events further?

EC: We are always looking for new innovations to contribute to increased prize pools. Our evolution of the Pick’Em Challenge and in-game esports tab has opened further opportunities to continue to see these prize pools grow. This program continues to be a high priority for the company; and increased prize pools are only one byproduct of our commitment to esports.

Thoughts on PCS 4's new rule set

There was a significant uproar from the community regarding the old rules. What are your thoughts so far on the new rules set into play with PCS 4?

EC: PUBG Esports has a history of exploration and innovation in a genre that has little history and precedents to follow in esports. We have been a pioneer in this space, and we are not afraid to experiment and evolve over time. Player feedback will always be at the core of our decision-making process, and we are fortunate to have such an incredible and engaged community to collect this feedback from. We’re excited to see how this continues to evolve in the future.

Impact Of The Pandemic On PUBG Esports

What is the toughest challenge the pandemic poses to the company? And how does the team deal with it for organizing successful tournaments?

EC: The pandemic presented a very unique set of challenges. First and foremost, the timing of the pandemic and the initial quarantine period caused us to immediately pivot our existing esports program. We were slated for a full year of a global circuit of events. Our first global event was only a few weeks away when we made the tough decision to put things on hold and assess the severity of the pandemic.

The very second the decision to pivot was made, we began working tirelessly to plan an entirely new program; the PUBG Continental Series. No matter how difficult the circumstances were, we were determined to deliver a high-quality broadcast for our fans. And an opportunity to compete at the highest possible level for large prize pools for our players. We developed new tournament concepts, new broadcast capabilities, and never let the pandemic stop us from delivering a quality event experience for the PUBG Esports Ecosystem.

Blending offline and online

When do you think offline tournaments will come into play? And how will they change the scenario of esports for PUBG now that everyone is used to the new normal?

EC: Global offline events will always be the crown jewel of PUBG Esports and we are just as anxious as anyone to make those events more feasible. However, the PCS program has become a very successful adaptation of PUBG Esports. Even despite a pandemic, we believe there is a place for PCS. Ultimately, a good blend between global offline events and a high-quality online program to help round out the calendar would be a great place to land.

How has the new Santa Monica studio been in terms of broadcasting so far? And what other benefits does it bring?

EC: The PUBG Santa Monica studio has drastically improved our broadcast quality and capabilities. Even though the players are still competing from home, the studio addresses the majority of the challenges of producing live broadcasts remotely. No matter how sophisticated our online production capabilities have become. Nothing can replace the quality and polish that comes from having everyone in a studio setting, working alongside each other in person.


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