GLL to Launch Inaugural Apex Legends Tournament

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GLL to Launch Inaugural Apex Legends Tournament

Global Loot has announced its latest tournament on its platform that will host a $50,000 shared prize pool for Apex Legends. The tournaments will take place throughout December and will award $25,000 dollars per region. The esports events organization is previously known for their online tournaments in Autochess and PUBG. This marks their entrance into the Apex Legends competitive scene.

GLL will run their tournaments separated into two regions: North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Each region each will have a $25,000 USD prize pool to compete towards.

Open qualifiers for both regions begin December 6th-8th. The aim of the qualifiers is to participate in open play and compete via kill count in certain time slots. Everyone interested can sign up using this link.

Team competing in the league must join the GLL discord. There they will submit evidence of their kills at certain times to be eligible for points. The top 10 teams from each region will earn their way into the main event of the tournament. The remaining 10 spaces in each region will be issued via invite. Expect to see professional teams compete in the event.

The finals will be held on December 14th – 15th, with specific times to be announced. The event will be broadcasted on GLL official channels, alongside studio production and a full talent line-up on the broadcast. More information can be found in their FAQ section at the bottom of this link.

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GLL’s entrance into the Apex Legends scene is a sing of committed third parties in the scene. They join the ranks of ESPN, Twitch and Faceit, who have run competitive events in 2019. This comes at a good time, as the Apex Legends professional scene has been quiet since the Preseason Invitational in September. Finally, teams will be able to sink their teeth into a serious Apex Legends tournament once again.

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