GenOne Players Enter Free Agency

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GenOne Players Enter Free Agency

The French organization have let go of their entire first-team roster to focus on their academy lineup 

GenOne's roster, which had former WESG World Finals champion Christophe “SIXER” Xia among its ranks, has been released following a rough start to the year, according to the organization.

GenOne CEO Sebastien “⁠KRL⁠” Perez has stated that the organization is “shifting focus,” and will now be directing resources toward their academy team. However, he has not ruled out the possibility of acquiring a new roster in the future, as reported by VaKarM.

Last year, GenOne established themselves as a formidable force in regional competitions. They won competitions like La Coupe 3 Paris and NumberOne Season 3, which helped them catapult to the 66th position in global rankings. They capped off 2022 with a stunning victory in the WhiteBIT Community Clash, netting themselves an impressive $175,000 in prize money.

2023, in contrast, has not been kind to GenOne, as the team managed to win just six of their sixteen recorded matches on HLTV, and struggled with a 2-3 record in ESEA Advanced.

GenOne's decline in 2023 was most notable in ESEA Advanced, where they suffered defeats to teams like SHIPACHI and HYDRA, resulting in a fall outside the top 100 in the world rankings.

The future of GenOne's roster is uncertain, with no indication of whether the players will remain together in the hunt for a new organization. Jérémy “jeyN” Nguyen, however, has confirmed in a Twitlonger post that he will be leaving the team after their split from GenOne.

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GenOne Departing Roster 

Noé “NeOo⁠” Guenego (France)

Christophe “⁠SIXER⁠” Xia (France)

Jérémy “⁠jeyN⁠” Nguyen (France)

Damien “⁠wasiNk⁠” Dufour (France)


GenOne Players Enter Free Agency
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