Gen.G Edge Past Talon Esports in VCT Pacific LCQ

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Gen.G Edge Past Talon Esports in VCT Pacific LCQ

Gen.G outshine Talon Esports, advance in the VCT Pacific LCQ

In the second matchup of the upper quarterfinals, we had Gen.G taking on Talon Esports. Following a razor-close best-of-three series, the Korean juggernauts have beaten the Thai superteam, keeping the chances of qualifying for the 2023 Valorant Champions alive.

A lot was at stake for both teams in this matchup, as losing meant direct elimination from the Pacific LCQ. While Gen.G had showcased a stronger performance in the Pacific League, Talon Esport was viewed as a slight favorite in this encounter due to their previous victory against the Korean team during the regular season.

Gen.G vs Talon Esports- Recap

Provided with the golden opportunity to exact their revenge, Gen.G had a flying start, securing a 9-3 lead on Pearl, the opposing team's map pick. However, the tides turned drastically in the second half as garnetS from Talon Esports put on a stellar show on Jett, orchestrating an extraordinary comeback and leading his team to a 13-11 victory.

On their own map pick of Split, Gen.G looked far more comfortable and closed out the map with a 13-10 score. Other than the short time at the start of the 2nd half, Meteor and his teammates were firmly in command throughout the match.

Gen.G Pacific LCQ

Credit: Riot Games

The final map of this quarterfinals matchup of this quarter-finals matchup proved to be the most captivating spectacle thus far in the Pacific LCQ. The entire match was a gripping back-and-forth exchange, with both teams trading blows. However, in the 3rd overtime, the tactical acumen of Gen.G prevailed over the SEA Giants’ mechanical prowess, ultimately resulting in a triumphant victory for the Korean side with a final map score of 15-13.

With this loss, Talon Esports’ season comes to a close. For Gen.G, the journey continues as they advance to face Team Secret in the upper semifinals.

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Gen.G Edge Past Talon Esports in VCT Pacific LCQ
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