Games like Valorant That Are Worth Trying

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Games like Valorant That Are Worth Trying

If you are looking for games like Valorant, you are at the right place. Learn more about the hottest titles.

It is safe to say Valorant shocked the world once it became available a couple of years ago. Riot Games wanted to make sure they had a competitor to CS2, which is how they came up with this fantastic game. Nowadays, Valorant continues to be one of the go-to options for a lot of players all over the world, and for a good reason.

Despite the game’s popularity, some people are looking for games like Valorant because they want to experience something different. Even though only a few titles come close in terms of experience, there are several intriguing variations you can try out. So, let’s learn more about them.

Games like Valorant

Team Fortress 2

When talking about Games like Valorant, one of the first titles that comes to mind is Team Fortress 2. Even though it is more than 16 years old now,  the game continues to attract players from all age groups. That’s one of the reasons why Valve keeps updating it.

Even though fewer people are playing TFT2 than Valorant, some people are interested in seeing where the inspiration for Valorant came from. Hence, they choose this option.

  • Dev – Valve
  • Platform – Xbox 360, PC, PS3
  • Year of Release – 2007


Speaking of games like valorant on PS4 and other platforms, Control definitely deserves to be on the list. The title is relatively new, and it is among the best third-person shooters. The game has a lot of interesting concepts, pretty good graphics, and a unique storyline. Considering the massive success, we wouldn’t be surprised if the developer decides to release a sequel in the near future.

  • Dev – Remedy Entertainment
  • Platform – Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia
  • Year of Release – 2019

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

There are a few games in the FPS genre that are as popular as the Tom Clancy franchise. One of Ubisoft’s leading titles is definitely one of the games like Valorant on Xbox that you should put to the test. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a game where you have to work with your team to complete specific objectives. Each member of the team has a character that has a specific skill. What’s even more interesting is that there are different game modes, including a PvE mode. The missions themselves are fun and intense because they require you to rescue hostages, defuse bombs, and more.

  • Dev – Ubisoft
  • Platform – Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S
  • Year of Release – 2015

Apex Legends

If you’ve read the games like Call of Duty article, you already know some information about Apex Legends. The latter is one of the newest and most innovative Battle Royal/FPS games on the market that took over the world. Although it may not seem different from the title in question here, it is one of the games like Valorant on Switch and other platforms. It includes different characters, each with its unique abilities and playstyle.

  • Dev – Riot Games
  • Platform – Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile
  • Year of Release – 2019


Users looking for games like Valorant Reddit will probably come across Paladins. This is a free-to-play shooter that has a lot of similarities to Riot Games’s title. Players need to choose a hero that has specific abilities, and the game is very fast-paced, similar to Valorant. Although the graphics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can’t deny the fact that the game is fun to play and attracts a lot of fans.

  • Dev – Hi Rez Studios
  • Platform – PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4
  • Year of Release – 2016

Fortnite: Save The World

When talking about games like Valorant for low-end PC and other platforms, a lot of people think of Fortnite: Save the World. This is a slightly different mode from the classic Fortnite game, where players need to work together to survive against zombies. 

Since it is a team-based shooter, players also need to complete different tasks, such as rescuing survivors, fighting zombies, and gathering resources. Sadly, the game does not have as many fans as the rest.

  • Dev – Epic Games
  • Platform – PC, Xbox One, PS4
  • Year of Release – 2017


Despite being over 10 years old, this is among the games like Valorant that players need to know about. Interestingly, this game had an arena version that was only available for a few months, but the RPG variation is an FPS that continues to attract fans. 

Players who dive into the game will learn that there are 3 fighting factions whose goal is to control the Auraxis planet. In other words, you will have to join one of the teams and make sure it wins.

  • Dev – Rogue Planet Games
  • Platform – PC, PS4
  • Year of Release – 2012

Escape from Tarkov

As the name of this title suggests, this title is all about escaping from Tarkov. Unlike other games like Tarkov, this game is a lot more realistic and hardcore, which means that once you die, you may lose a lot of your resources.

Speaking of the game, it takes place in the Nork region, where two military organizations are fighting. The title is more suitable for people who are fans of “real” shooters, so if you get bored of Valorant, feel free to give it a chance. The bad news is that the game is only available on a PC.

  • Dev – Battlestate Games
  • Platform – PC,
  • Year of Release – 2017

Overwatch 2

It probably goes without saying, but when discussing games like Valorant, Overwatch 2 will always be one of the first names that come to mind. Blizzard’s title has been around for some time now, and it is safe to say it changed this genre. Although the game is complex, it is incredibly fun and allows players to pick from a variety of characters. Each one has a specific role and offers unique abilities. 

  • Dev – Blizzard
  • Platform – PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Year of Release – 2016
Games like Valorant That Are Worth Trying
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