Game Changers Success Lands Female Valorant Pro Spot on VCL Team

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Game Changers Success Lands Female Valorant Pro Spot on VCL Team

Rebels Gaming's latest roster update sees a Game Changers player join its main Valorant team for Spain Rising 

In a groundbreaking move for women in esports, Paula “devilasxa” Martíne has been called up to compete in the regional Challengers League for Rebels Gaming following an outstanding performance in the Game Changers tournament.

devilasxa has been on Rebel’s GC roster since April 2022. The Spaniard was instrumental in her team’s qualification to the 2023 EMEA Game Changers Series. Later, throughout the event's group stage, devilasxa on the initiator role, impressed everyone with her exceptional skill, teamwork, and dedication.

Although Rebel Velvets failed to qualify for the playoffs by the slimmest of margins due to map and round differential, the Spanish player’s performance did not go unrewarded. On May 12th, Rebels Gaming announced the promotion of devilasxa to its main Valorant Challengers League roster.

This news of devilasxa joining a main roster of a VCL team marks a huge step forward in promoting gender inclusivity in esports, a field that male players have long dominated. During a Riot Games broadcast, devilasxa shared her thoughts on the ideal route for women looking to break into the main Valorant circuit. “I think the ideal women’s Valorant path is the emergence of mixed teams and also the introduction of women in men’s teams to be able to improve and keep competing,” stated the Initiator player.

Get ready to watch devilasxa in action alongside Spain's finest players in the upcoming VCL Spain Rising tournament.

Game Changers player Paula "devilasxa" Martíne


Here is what the new “Rebels gaming” squad looks like:

  • Paula “Devilasxa” Blanco Martínez
  • Jose “humanz” Luis Cebrian
  • Brandon “Phardon” Testa
  • José “Rexs” Jaramago
  • Guillaume “GatsH” Kalka
  • Sergio “Hastack” Martínez
Game Changers Success Lands Female Valorant Pro Spot on VCL Team
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