Gaimin Gladiators vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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Gaimin Gladiators vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

Gaimin Gladiators vs OG will be a clash between two Western European giants at DreamLeague Season 19.

If you decide to watch the Gaimin Gladiators vs OG match, you will have access to two of the best Western European Dota 2 teams. This will definitely be a match you will find on the top-tier sites for Dota 2 betting because it is among the important clashes at DreamLeague Season 19. With that said, these Dota 2 betting tips will help you learn more about it.

Gaimin Gladiators vs OG Preview

Before this match, GG and OG are in entirely different positions in the second group stage. These 2 squads haven’t met at this event yet, but The Lima Major 2023 champions are in a much better position. In fact, they’re the leaders in the group, which is one of the reasons why some people think that the Gaimin Gladiators vs OG series will end in favor of dyrachyo and the rest. 

Gaimin Gladiators

A quick look at this squad’s most recent results shows that it is the only one that can deal with Team Liquid. In fact, GG started with a victory against the best in the world, and it also defeated bc and TSM. Sadly, the squad wasn’t able to deal with SR, which is the only team to defeat it (yet).


Despite having one of the most promising rosters prior to the OG vs Gaimin Gladiators match, BZM and the rest are not living up to the expectations. The squad had a solid start after defeating SR, but it wasn’t able to overcome EG, Tundra, and BC. The team will have one more match before this one, and it will be against TSM.

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Gaimin Gladiators vs OG Predictions

Even though OG is a really tough opponent to go up against, we think that the Gaimin Gladiator vs OG series will go in favor of The Lima Major 2023 champions. GG has had better results lately and will be more motivated to win this clash.

Can Gaimin Gladiators win the first game?

Yes, Gaimin Gladiators will win the first match in this clash at DreamLeague Season 19.

Will we see 3 games? – Yes

Like most other Dota 2 betting tips, we think that this clash will allow us to watch 3 games. Although GG is the favorite, OG won’t go down without a fight.

Can Gaimin Gladiators win without losing a single tower? – No

Albeit the favorite, it is highly unlikely for Gaimin Gladiators to win this match without losing a single tower. This will be impressive, but OGG won’t go down without a fight.

Will BZM pick Invoker? – Yes

OG relies on a couple of heroes when it needs to win, and Invoker for BZM is among them.

Gaimin Gladiators vs OG – Where to Watch

After checking the GG vs OG Dota 2 betting tips, you can watch this match on YouTube or Twitch. Make sure to go through all of the other predictions for this tournament.