G2 vs Apeks Preview and Predictions: BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage

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G2 vs Apeks Preview and Predictions: BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage

The G2 vs Apeks matchup will determine which team advances into the Legends Stage from an early round 3

These two squads fought in separate RMRs to qualify for the Challengers stage, and now they have won their first two rounds of matches in this Major. This game will allow one team to confirm a spot in the Legends Stage, while the losing squad will have to fight some more. Being a decider match, this is going to be the Apeks and G2’s first Bo3 in Paris Major. Here are our predictions if you want to know what could happen from this encounter or love to bet on CSGO


The 18-year-old m0NESY took the wheel on G2’s last match against Complexity, picking up 34 kills and a 2.23 rating. With incredible players like him and huNter- in the lineup, G2 are undoubtedly one of the toughest names in the Challengers Stage. However, even though they are the favorites going against Apeks, the Norwegians have talented individuals of their own to bring an upset.


Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač

  • HLTV Rating: 1.12
  • Impact Rating: 1.22
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.1%
  • Average Damage Round: 84.4
  • Kills Per Round: 0.77

Justin “jks” Savage

  • HLTV Rating: 1.07
  • Impact Rating: 1.04
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.2%
  • Average Damage Round: 77.2
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov

  • HLTV Rating: 1.22
  • Impact Rating: 1.24
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 74.0%
  • Average Damage Round: 79.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.78

Nikola “NiKo” Kovač

  • HLTV Rating: 1.15
  • Impact Rating: 1.30
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.2%
  • Average Damage Round: 85.9
  • Kills Per Round: 0.79

Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen

  • HLTV Rating: 0.86
  • Impact Rating:0.86
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded:66.8%
  • Average Damage Round: 67.3
  • Kills Per Round: 0.57

Player To Watch


G2 vs Apeks


After coming from this Major’s first 16-0 win, the Norwegians are sure to feel an unstoppable momentum which can prove to be great against a tough name like G2. With jL providing a reliably strong performance on both of their first two matches and Apeks showing a great CT side, winning this Best of 3 will only require momentum. They are likely to be one of the first rosters to make it to the Legends Stage from the Challengers.


Martin “STYKO” Styk

  • HLTV Rating: 0.99
  • Impact Rating: 0.98
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.0%
  • Average Damage Round: 73.8
  • Kills Per Round: 0.66

Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad

  • HLTV Rating: 1.04
  • Impact Rating: 1.17
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.2%
  • Average Damage Round: 80.4
  • Kills Per Round: 0.73

Tim “nawwk” Jonasson

  • HLTV Rating: 1.13
  • Impact Rating:1.08
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.3%
  • Average Damage Round: 72.9
  • Kills Per Round:0.73

Justinas “jL” Lekavicius

  • HLTV Rating: 1.12
  • Impact Rating: 1.15
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.1%
  • Average Damage Round: 79.1
  • Kills Per Round:0.74

Damjan “kyxsan” Stoilkovski

  • HLTV Rating: 1.05
  • Impact Rating: 1.04
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.8%
  • Average Damage Round: 76.0
  • Kills Per Round: 0.67

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G2 vs Apeks Predictions: BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage

This Best of 3 will end in a big upset in Apeks’ favor as they will defeat G2 in a 2-1 score.

G2 vs Apeks Head to Head Record 

G2 0 – 0 Apeks

G2 vs Apeks Maps 

  • Inferno
  • Anubis
  • Ancient

G2 vs Apeks Score 

  • Map 1: Apeks to win by +3>
  • Map 2: G2 to win by OT
  • Map 3: Apeks to win by +5>

G2 vs Apeks Top Fragger


BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage Apeks vs G2 Match Links

G2 vs Apeks Match Time

May 9, 2023 – 08:30 ET/07:30 CST/05:30 PT


G2 vs Apeks Preview and Predictions: BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage
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