G2 Spark Controversy by Promoting CSGO Gambling Sponsor With Newly Adult Pro Player

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G2 Spark Controversy by Promoting CSGO Gambling Sponsor With Newly Adult Pro Player

G2 have faced backlash for promoting a gambling company with Illya “m0nesy” Osipov, who has just turned 18

G2's recent announcement featuring their pro player m0nesy and a CSGO gambling site has landed the organization in hot water. Asking m0nesy to appear in a gambling ad, only days after his 18th birthday, has raised eyebrows across the CSGO community. 

The history of CSGO and gambling has been a turbulent one, to say the least. CSGO skins have been often used for gambling since they can be traded in open marketplaces and are easy to transfer. 

Authorities forcefully shut down several gambling sites that used to make transactions with CSGO skins between 2016 and 2017. The owners of these sites used to pay content creators for social media promotion, but they asked them not to reveal that it was paid promotion. 

Multiple gambling regulatory authorities in the EU and the US have taken action against unregulated CSGO skin gambling and accused Valve of exposing minors to gambling. Despite all their efforts, unregulated CSGO skin gambling is still a big problem. 

It's hard to ignore the controversies that have surrounded CSGO gambling, but that hasn't stopped teams and tournament organizers from continuing to work with gambling sponsors in the field.

G2 announced their latest partnership with CSGORoll on May 3, which was a controversial move in the first place. To add to the controversy, the announcement video featured m0nesy, whom the club had congratulated on his 18th birthday only two days prior. 

Fans, professionals, and critics alike are calling out G2 for the scandalous marketing move. OhnePixel, a prominent CS YouTuber, had this to say about it, “Just when I thought we've moved on from the CSGO gambling scandals, G2 goes and pulls this stunt.”

CSGO skin trading platform BitSkin also added to the criticism, saying “Why are you promoting unregulated (skin) gambling to [your] underage fanbase?” They continue, “This is a huge problem in the Counter-Strike/Esports community and the team behind G2 Esports should know better.”

CptnKraken, another CSGO skin trader, also pointed out that it’s setting a dangerous precedence for the industry. 

“This sets a really dangerous precedent in my opinion. I have so many friends and family members who have had their lives destroyed by gambling.”

G2 Spark Controversy by Promoting CSGO Gambling Sponsor With Newly Adult Pro Player
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