G2 Parts Ways with North American Challengers Valorant Team

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G2 Parts Ways with North American Challengers Valorant Team

After they failed to qualify for the VCT Americas Ascension, G2 Esports decided to part ways and drop their North American Challengers League Valorant roster

G2 Esports has officially announced the departure of the majority of its North American Challengers League Valorant team and staff. The renowned esports organization had entered the tier 2 Valorant league in December, assembling a star-studded lineup led by former Sentinels players Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM' Khan and Michael ‘dapr' Gulino.

The decision to compete in the Challengers League came after G2 Esports failed to secure a spot in VCT Americas, the official Riot Games Valorant league. G2 was granted a slot alongside other prominent esports organizations like FaZe Clan, Shopify Rebellion, and The Guard, unlike some teams that had to earn their place through open qualifiers.

During the first split of the North American Challengers League, G2 made an impressive start, finishing first in its group with a 4-1 record. They also followed up with a second-place finish in the Mid-Season Face Off. However, their performance took a downturn in the second split as they struggled in the group stage, losing all five matches.

Despite their rough performance, G2 still managed to qualify for the North American Challengers Playoffs based on their accumulated points. Unfortunately, they were unable to secure a high enough placement in the tournament to qualify for the Americas Ascension event, effectively ending their season without a chance to compete in VCT Americas.

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Credit: G2 Esports

On June 7, G2 Esports announced the departure of the entire roster and staff, with the exception of ShahZaM. However, the organization clarified that ShahZaM would now take on the role of a content creator, hinting at his transition away from competitive play.

With no ongoing or announced major third-party tournaments to participate in, G2 Esports currently has yet to have any immediate competitive engagements. However, due to their solid performance throughout the Challengers League season, the team has secured their spot in the league for the 2024 season, avoiding relegation.

As G2 Esports looks ahead, fans and the esports community eagerly anticipate their future moves and the potential rebuilding of a competitive Valorant roster in the coming seasons.

G2 Parts Ways with North American Challengers Valorant Team
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