G2 Esports vs MOUZ Prediction – PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

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G2 Esports vs MOUZ Prediction – PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

The G2 Esports vs MOUZ match at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is an intriguing match, so let’s see our prediction and what you should know bout the match.

G2 Esports and Mouz are about to play against each other at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 playoff stage. These two teams have proven to be among the best, so fans will be eager to see the results. That’s why it is time for our G2 Esports vs MOUZ prediction.

G2 Esports vs MOUZ PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Preview


Before the MOUZ vs G2 Esports clash, these two CS2 powerhouses achieved pretty impressive results. If we take a look at the Elimination Stage, we can see that MOUZ finished 2nd after securing 3 victories. People have been really impressed with the squad’s results so far, and for a good reason. Now, the team will have to go up against G2 Esports, one of the favorites, to win the first CS2 Major.

Speaking of the devil, it seems like G2 is having some issues because the team did not perform as well as we expected. Even though it secured a Top 8 finish, it lost 2 matches and won 3, which surprises some fans. 

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G2 Esports vs MOUZ Predictions – Final Result

After analyzing both team’s results so far, we believe this series will go in favor of MOUZ. The latter seem to be in really good form recently, and they will do everything they can to win this match and secure a slot for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Semifinals.

G2 Esports vs MOUZ – Most Kills (Player)

If you are wondering which player will get the most kills in this PGL Major Copenhagen Match 2024, our vote goes to Jimpphat. His stats so far have been pretty impressive, and we expect him to continue to shine.

G2 Esports vs MOUZ – Where and When to Watch?

If you want to watch the G2 Esports vs MOUZ match at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, you have to visit the official Twitch page. These two CS2 powerhouses will go head to head on Match 29 at 21:00 EET. Keep in mind that the first CS2 Major does not have a Loser’s bracket, which means that the team that is eliminated will be going home.


G2 Esports vs MOUZ Prediction – PGL Major Copenhagen 2024
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