FURIA: Only Local Team Invited to IEM Brazil

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FURIA: Only Local Team Invited to IEM Brazil

At least one team will represent Brazil on home soil, with FURIA being the only South American team to earn an invite 

With Intel Extreme Masters coming back to Brazil in April, a list of 11 CS:GO teams who will get direct invites from ESL has been announced. Among the 11 announced, FURIA is the only South American team, and their invitation by way of the “local heroes” quota guarantees that Brazil will have at least one representative at the tournament. 

Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and Team Vitality are among six teams that were invited due to their partnership with ESL. Four other teams were invited because they are ranked in the top 20 in ESL global rankings. 

The following teams are slated to compete for $250,000 at the Intel Extreme Masters Brazil tournament, which will take place sometime between the BLAST.tv Paris Major’s RMR events and the Major itself:

  1. Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
  2. OG (Europe)
  3. Outsiders (Russia)
  4. Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden)
  5. FURIA (Brazil)
  6. fnatic (Europe)
  7. Cloud9 (Russia)
  8. FaZe (Europe)
  9. Vitality (Europe)
  10. Heroic (Denmark)
  11. MOUZ (Europe)

A list of teams invited to regional closed qualifiers was also released, including 9z and 00NATION from South America and Complexity and paiN from North America. From Europe, teams Bad News Eagles, ENCE, Sprout and BIG will have a chance to make it through based on their standings in the closed qualifiers. Meanwhile, Mongolian team IHC and the Chinese side Lynn Vision will compete in the Asia qualifiers. 

Here are the chosen teams who will lock horns in the closed qualifiers, with a total of 4 from North America and South America combined, 4 more from Europe, and 2 from Asia: 

South America: 

  1. 9z (South America)
  2. 00NATION (Brazil)

North America: 

  1. paiN (Brazil)
  2. Complexity (North America0


  1. Bad News Eagles (Kosovo)
  2. ENCE (Europe)
  3. Sprout (Denmark)
  4. BIG (Germany)


  1. IHC (Mongolia)
  2. Lynn Vision (China)

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FURIA: Only Local Team Invited to IEM Brazil
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