FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Preview and Predictions – Valorant Champions 2023

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FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Preview and Predictions – Valorant Champions 2023

The group stage of Valorant Champions 2023 continues with the FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 matchup

In a collision of two Asian contenders, the second matchup of the day features FunPlus Phoenix squaring off against T1. With the looming threat of elimination, both teams are afforded no margin for mistakes. If you are interested to know more about the matchup or need help in your betting endeavors, we have got you covered. 

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix entered the tournament as the biggest underdogs according to various pre-event predictions, and their initial match performance against Evil Geniuses did little to alter this perception. However, it must be stated that they were up against the most in-form team in the world right now. Losing the opening series 2-0, FPX now face elimination as they gear up for their upcoming clash against T1.

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Zhang “AAAAY” Yang

  • Role: Initiator
  • VLR Rating: 1.05
  • Average Combat Score: 214.1

Zhang “BerLIN” Bo-lin

  • Role: Flex
  • VLR Rating: 1.03
  • Average Combat Score: 213.1

Tang “TZH” Zhehao

  • Role: Flex
  • VLR Rating: 0.92
  • Average Combat Score: 180.6

You “Lysoar” Hao Liang

  • Role: Sentinel
  • VLR Rating: 1.08
  • Average Combat Score: 200.5

Huang “Yuicaw” Yung-chieh

  • Role: Duelist
  • VLR Rating: 1.01
  • Average Combat Score: 222.7

Most Kills

Map 1: AAAAY

Map 2: Lysoar

Map 3: AAAAY

Most Assists

Map 1: BerLIN

Map 2: BerLIN

Map 3: TZH

Most Deaths

Map 1: Yuicaw

Map 2: Yuicaw

Map 3: BerLiN

FunPlus Phoenix vs T1


T1 suffered a devastating loss in their opening matchup against FUT Esports. Managing to win only 11 rounds across two maps, the start of their Champions 2023 campaign could not have been any worse. Nevertheless, the Koreans now find themselves in an opportune position to avoid elimination and restore their morale as they are set to face FPX, a comparatively less formidable opponent.


Son “xeta” Seon-ho

  • Role: Controler
  • VLR Rating: 1.05
  • ACS: 193.1

Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom

  • Role: IGL
  • VLR Rating: 1.04
  • ACS: 210.5

Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo

  • Role: Duelist
  • VLR Rating: 1.06
  • ACS: 229.6

Lee “Carpe” Jae-hyeok

  • Role: Initiator
  • VLR Rating: 0.93
  • ACS: 173.1

Joseph “ban” Seungmin

  • Role: Flex
  • VLR Rating: 0.91
  • ACS: 182.2

Most Kills

Map 1: Sayaplayer

Map 2: Munchkin 

Map 3: ban

Most Assists

Map 1: xeta

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Map 2: ban

Map 3: xeta

Most Deaths

Map 1: Carpe

Map 2: Carpe

Map 3: Sayaplayer

Valorant Champions 2023 – FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Predictions

FPX will put up a fight, but T1 will close out the series with a 2-1 scoreline.

FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 – Head-to-Head Record 

FunPlus Phoenix 0 – 0 T1

FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Maps 

  • Ascent
  • Fracture
  • Pearl

T1 vs FunPlus Phoenix Score 

  • Map 1: FunPlus Phoenix to win by +3>
  • Map 2: T1 to win by +3>
  • Map 3: T1 to win by +4<

T1 vs FunPlus Phoenix First Blood 

Map 1: Sayaplayer

Map 2: Yuicaw

Map 3: Sayaplayee

FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Most First Kills

Map 1: Sayaplayer

Map 2: Yuicaw

Map 3: Sayaplayer

T1 vs FunPlus Phoenix Top Fragger


FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Most Clutches


Valorant Champions 2023 – FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Match Links

Match Time

August 10, 2023 – 15:00 PT / 18:00 ET

August 11, 2023 – 00:00 CEST

FunPlus Phoenix vs T1 Preview and Predictions – Valorant Champions 2023
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