FORZE Issue New Roster Update: Krad Benching Confirmed

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FORZE Issue New Roster Update: Krad Benching Confirmed

FORZE have followed up on their yesterday’s roster change announcement and confirmed that Vladislav “Krad” Kravchenko will drop out of the main five 

FORZE have announced that Vladislav “Krad” Kravchenko is no longer an active player on the squad. The Russian outfit have confirmed that he will be available for transfer, even though it was reported yesterday that he will continue as a member of the main quintet. 


Krad: A Brief Look at His FORZE Career 

Krad joined FORZE in October 2022, a few days after winning the CCT North Europe Series #1 with Entropiq. The rifler was a part of the FORZE team that made the ESL Pro League Season 17 Quarterfinals earlier this year.

He also featured in FORZE’s BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic Grand Final run and their successful CCT Online Finals #1 campaign. The 24-year-old was also a part of FORZE’s Paris Major mission, where the club could not progress beyond the Challengers Stage. 

Over the past three months, Krad had a rating of 0.95 across 48 maps, which is below his career average of 1.01. His performance was notably weaker in LAN events, where he only managed an average rating of 0.88.

After his disappointing showing at IEM Katowice 2023, the team made the decision to part ways with him.

He was listed for transfer alongside Andrey “⁠Jerry⁠” Mekhryakov and Aleksandr “⁠zorte⁠” Zagodyrenko. Aleksei “⁠El1an⁠” Gusev and Dmitry “⁠sstiNiX⁠” Khlebnikov were announced as Jerry and zorte’s replacement yesterday, suggesting Krad would keep hold of his place for a bit longer. 

That did not turn out to be the case, however, as the BetBoom Playlist. Urbanistic runner-ups issued a separate statement earlier today and confirmed that Krad will not be a part of the active roster going forward.

The club is actively searching for a replacement, and they will announce the new player for the position once they have secured one.

FORZE Current Squad 

  • Aleksei “⁠El1an⁠” Gusev
  • Aleksandr “⁠shalfey⁠” Marenov
  • Evgeny “⁠r3salt⁠” Frolov
  • Dmitry “⁠sstiNiX⁠” Khlebnikov
  • Artem “⁠Fierce⁠” Ivanov (coach)
  • Vladislav “⁠Krad⁠” Kravchenko (benched)
  • Andrey “⁠Jerry⁠” Mekhryakov (benched)
  • Aleksandr “⁠zorte⁠” Zagodyrenko (benched)
FORZE Issue New Roster Update: Krad Benching Confirmed
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