Fortnite: Zayt Reveals ‘Game-Changing’ Gold Exploit In Craggy Cliffs

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Fortnite: Zayt Reveals ‘Game-Changing’ Gold Exploit In Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite veteran Zayt showcases a bug in Craggy Cliffs.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s most significant event of Chapter 2 – Season 5 is just a few days away. Trio teams have been preparing game plans, drop spots and strategies for over two months to compete for around $3M USD in prizes. Many of the top-tier teams have already selected their designated location of choice. Of the many points of interest (POIs) in play this season, Craggy Cliffs ranks at the top, given its access to fishing spots and ability to upgrade weapons. Professional player Williams “Zayt” Aubin revealed another appealing aspect of Craggy Cliffs that makes it undoubtedly the best POI this season.

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Gold Quest/Exploit

Zayt took to Twitter with a video showcasing an alarming bug in Fortnite that could have massive implications on the competitive landscape in Season 5. The clip displays a team of players accepting a quest from the Fishstick non-player character (NPC) in Craggy Cliffs. The NPC tasks them with using a Harpoon Gun on an opponent. Once completed, the person who accepted the quest receives a 200-gold payout. However, the video clearly shows one player pulling his teammate with the Harpoon Gun and still receiving credit for the challenge.

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Why is this Exploit a Problem?

This bug makes Craggy an even better drop spot because the Fishstick NPC allows players to upgrade their weapons in exchange for gold bars. The Harpoon Gun quest exploit grants 200 gold to those who abuse it, and it only takes 250 to upgrade from Rare to Epic weapons. That’s essentially a free weapon upgrade, not including bounties and gold that players found in beds and other furniture. It seems like an unintentional bug, so the developers may look at it and make necessary adjustments. If not, the number of teams landing at Craggy might increase significantly.

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Khanada and MackWood Respond

Professional players Khanada, MackWood and Bucke have already claimed Craggy Cliffs as their drop spot for this season. Zayt’s tweet prompted a response from Khanada. “bro u [sic] really want people to contest us lmaooo it dont matter nobody is gonna beat us zayt see you on height my friend,” he said. Khanda’s teammate MackWood then claimed that he didn’t even know this bug existed, but Zayt quickly pulled a clip, displaying the three Craggy residents utilizing the exploit.

It’s worth pointing out that Fishtick only spawns at Craggy in some games and not others. However, the bug itself is undoubtedly something Epic may want to look at if it’s unintentional. We’ll keep a close eye on the @FortniteStatus account to see if the developers address the gold bar exploit.

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