Fortnite: XSET Parts Ways With RogueShark, Knight & Av

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Fortnite: XSET Parts Ways With RogueShark, Knight & Av

Three Fortnite players are now free agents after parting ways with XSET.

Esports organization XSET announced the departure of three professional Fortnite Battle Royale players yesterday. Tyler “Knight” McDougal, Ethan “RogueShark” Kammerman and Alexander “Av” Vanderveen are now free agents after spending over a year with XSET. These three were foundational pieces who became the organization’s first Fortnite players.

Each of them had varying degrees of success under XSET. RogueShark and Knight reached three Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finals together as members of the team. Av even joined them for two of those three appearances. Now, they are all free to field other opportunities in an unpredictable esports setting.

XSET Announces Departure of Three Players

The organization took to Twitter with a statement, thanking RogueShark, Knight and Av for their time with XSET. All three, alongside former Fortnite pro Snood, were some of XSET’s first signings after officially becoming an esports organization.

“Today we announce the departure of @TwitchAv, @KnightFN_ & @RogueShark from our Competitive Fortnite Roster.

The brand’s presence in competitive Fortnite has dwindled over time. World Cup Finalist Davis “Ceice” McClellan — who XSET signed in April — remains the only purely competitive Fortnite player on its roster. It’s unclear what plans, if any, XSET has to acquire more Fortnite talents. There are many free agents on the market currently, but Fortnite is unpredictable from an organizational standpoint.

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What’s Next for XSET & Players?

For RogueShark, Knight and Av, there are plenty of teams they could join. The long-standing duo of RogueShark and Knight just won a high-level tournament and remain consistent with their results over time. Av has struggled in recent FNCS competitions, but manages solid Cash Cup placements.

It’ll be interesting to see which direction these three players and XSET head toward next. We’ll have to wait and see what offers are out there as the structural uncertainty in Fortnite remains a concern.

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