Top Fortnite Free Agents (Updated September 2021)

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Top Fortnite Free Agents (Updated September 2021)

ESTNN analyzes some of the best free agents in competitive Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale prides itself on talent and consistency from a player standpoint. Any competitor that can string together high placements over the bulk of several seasons adds value to both their career and any potential organization. We've seen certain players like Williams "NRG Zayt" Aubin and Martin "100T MrSavage" Foss Andersen re-sign contracts and spend multiple years with their respective teams.

However, results are not everything in Fortnite. Since Epic Games does not have an established league with multiple teams, esports brand representation exists only at a player and content level. Regardless, there are some talents in the scene that are too difficult for organizations to pass. Free agency is a hot topic in the competitive scene, and several talented players currently compete without a team to represent.

Today, we are looking at some of the top unsigned players in Fortnite Battle Royale ahead of competitive play in Chapter 2 - Season 8.

Rezon ay

German player Rezon ay had his breakout Fortnite season in Chapter 2 - Season 3, winning a Solo Cash Cup and finishing seventh in the Fortnite Champion Series. Since then, he's been one of Europe's top players each season. His FNCS results include a third in Chapter 2 - Season 5, fifth in Chapter 2 - Season 6 and fifth in Chapter 2 - Season 7.

Rezon's only ever been on one esports organization — the now-defunct team named Superior. Strangely, no reputable organization has signed Rezon, but it's only a matter of time until that happens.

Cyprien "Xsweeze" Dumonteil

Since the World Cup Qualifiers, French player Xsweeze has been involved in the competitive Fortnite. He remained a lesser-known player until Chapter 2 - Season 3 when he finished 11th in the FNCS Finals. Xsweeze reached the Grand Finals of every Fortnite Champion Series event, dating back to Chapter 2 - Season 1. The French player's results since Chapter 2 - Season 3 include a second, fourth, seventh and ninth with various trio teammates.

Xsweeze spent more than two years with the homegrown French organization — Team MCES. He recently parted ways with them in July of this year. His results alone should draw offers from top European esports organizations. Only time will tell who signs Xsweeze.

Michał "Kami" Kamiński

Polish player Kami is one of the most consistent players in the European region. The bulk of his career includes three top-five finishes in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) dating back to Chapter 2 - Season 2. Kami is about as consistent as players can be in Fortnite, and despite a minor blip in Chapter 2 - Season 6, he's been exceptional in all formats.

Kami was one of the first players to join GAMMA Gaming following its inception in September of 2020. His contract expired one year after joining, and he is unquestionably one of Fortnite's most talented free agents.

Rocco "Saf" Morales

Fortnite legend Saf's track record since leaving Ghost Gaming is an anomaly to most. He spent the bulk of his career with Ghost and became an unfortunate cut when the organization released its entire roster. Since then, Saf had joined TSM only to be cut again and then TrainH Esport for three months before they closed up shop.

For one of the greatest Fortnite players in history—it's been a rough period. Nonetheless, Saf is a consistent competitor and has been since going pro. He finished fourth in the Fortnite World Cup Duos alongside long-time partner Williams "Zayt" Aubin.

The two then claimed the Axe of Champions in FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 2. While Saf does not focus primarily on content, he will bring championships to any organization. It's only a matter of which one.


Seven-time FNCS Finalist Acorn is one of the best NA East players and has been well over a year. His career dates back to the World Cup era, but most of his achievements have occurred between Chapter 2 - Season 2 and now. He and long-time duo partner Jack "Jahq" Downs took tenth-place in that season's FNCS.

Acorn's accomplishments after Chapter 2 - Season 2 include a win in FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 5 and two top-five results in separate trio FNCS Finals. There's no doubt that Acorn is perhaps the most sought-after free agent in the NA East region, given his results and somewhat consistent streaming schedule.


Breakout player Mero burst into the competitive scene in late 2019 and has been a contender ever since. Mero's first Solo Cash Cup win occurred in March of 2020–putting him on the map as a top player. A controller player, Mero has proved himself in multiple formats, scoring systems and prize pools.

In November 2020, he won his first Axe of Champions alongside teammates Malachi "Reverse2k" Greiner and Dejsean "Deyy" Hew. The triumphant trio returned to FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 6 and replicated the same success, winning another Axe of Champions. Mero possesses victories in DreamHack tournaments to boot.

Despite his success, the Canadian player remains unsigned after stints with Team New Age, XTRA Gaming and ENDLESS. Mero streams relatively often on Twitch, making him a player that organizations should look to add.