Fortnite x The Matrix Collab In The Works, Leakers Reveal

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Fortnite x The Matrix Collab In The Works, Leakers Reveal

Fortnite leaks reveal the game will enter The Matrix soon.

Epic Games has done it again, securing another metaverse building collaboration within Fortnite Battle Royale. The past few months have produced crossovers with Naruto Shippuden, Resident Evil and Dune. Each has its uniqueness, but more impressive is the game developer’s ability to grow Fortnite into something beyond gaming.

Those collaborations will continue without pause, and leakers in the Fortnite scene have revealed some rumored plans. It seems Epic Games and those behind the “The Matrix” film franchise have supposedly inked a deal to bring the universe’s characters into Fortnite. Epic Games has not confirmed these leaks, but a Fortnite x The Matrix crossover would continue a noticeable trend of late.

Fortnite x The Matrix: A Warner Bros. Partnership?

Famed leaker HYPEX took to Twitter with the latest—a collaboration between Fortnite and The Matrix. This collision aligns almost perfectly with the release of The Matrix Resurrections on December 22, 2022. The Matrix franchise has lied dormant for nearly two decades, but Keanu Reaves is back as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss reprises her role as Trinity.

The leaks indicate both leading characters are part of the Fortnite x The Matrix collaboration. HYPEX revealed a planned release date of “the second half of December,” which would make sense, given the upcoming movie release. Particulars beyond what we already know are unclear. However, it’s worth noting that Epic Games has struck some deal with HBO Max or Warner Bros. Pictures.

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The Matrix collaboration marks the fourth Warner Bros. Pictures partnership since July. Those other film crossovers include Space Jam, The Suicide Squad and Dune. Epic Games and Warner Studios have been in conjunction for some time based on what we know. The Matrix collaboration is merely the latest to drop.

We’ll have to see what more comes of this apparent agreement in the future. For now, we can expect Fortnite x The Matrix to be released next month.

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