Fortnite x LeBron James Confirmed, NBA Legend To Join ICON Series

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Fortnite x LeBron James Confirmed, NBA Legend To Join ICON Series

Leakers within the Fortnite community have confirmed that LeBron James will become a skin in the game.

Fortnite’s rumor mill escalated earlier this weekend when a hand-painted mural appeared in Chicago and major cities within the United States. The only knowledge from the outset included a pair of wings, a crown and the date 7/14/2021. Anything beyond that information was a complete mystery, until earlier today when several Fortnite leakers learned the purpose of these paintings. We now have confirmation that NBA legend LeBron James will finally become a character outfit in Fortnite.

LeBron James Confirmed to Join Fortnite

The news first surfaced via a tweet from ShiinaBR on Twitter, which stated that current Los Angeles Laker player LeBron James would join Fortnite as part of its ICON Series. This exclusive set of in-game cosmetics includes American DJ Marshmello, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, rap artist Travis Scott and many others. More recently, football athletes Harry Kane and Neymar Jr also enjoyed the same privilege. The NBA sparked a recent partnership with Fortnite to include all 30 teams in the game as selectable outfits. Now, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time will add himself to the list.

King’s Bling Quest

Another leaker — HYPEX — followed shortly after and included more specific details about the LeBron James launch. The four-time NBA Champion will accompany a set of quests dubbed “King’s Bling,” which undoubtedly references LeBron’s “King James” nickname. Players who complete these challenges will see their items become more gold and eventually unlock a gold slider option. The other cosmetics included in the LeBron James set are unknown at this time.

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LeBron James Release Date

All of the teasers point toward July 14, 2021, as the release date of LeBron James’ in-game character set. Epic Games has not confirmed the news as of the posting of this article. However, ShiinaBR and HYPEX are two of the community’s premiere leakers and rarely miss the mark with such information. The team at Epic is currently on their summer break, which should resume sometime next week. We can expect some more teasers or even an announcement from the developers ahead of the planned July 14 release date.

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