Fortnite x Ariana Grande Collaboration Concert Is All But Confirmed

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Fortnite x Ariana Grande Collaboration Concert Is All But Confirmed

The Fortnite x Ariana Grande crossover gains steam with leaked live event posters.

It seems almost redundant at this point to reiterate how skilled Epic Games is at securing Fortnite collaborations. Fans of the game have witnessed everything from a Travis Scott concert to an exclusive Star Wars live event over the last few years. The number of map and cosmetic crossovers are also noteworthy in their own right. Just when you thought Epic Games had done it all, leaks from early this morning revealed a colossal development in the making, involving pop icon Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande Event Collaboration

Something that players have longed for is an Ariana Grande collaboration. This desire dates back many years, and it could pay off given some recent in-game file leaks. HYPEX tweeted out a series of event posters that scream Ariana Grande. The first is a hammer, which strikes an uncanny resemblance to an outfit she’s worn in her live concert performances in the past.

Poster number two looks like a pig, and Ariana Grande has a pet pig. The third poster could be interpreted as a reference to “Rain on Me,” a hit song she recently released with Lady Gaga. That track also appeared in-game back in Chapter 2 – Season 3. All signs seem to be a positive indication that Fortnite players will witness another in-game concert after Marshmello and Travis Scott.

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Live Event Concert

The information is convincing, to say the least, and the collaboration would make sense, considering the live event scheduled nine days from now. While the event remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, it would be the perfect time for Epic Games to deploy the Ariana Grande crossover event.

Let’s not forget, Epic Games revealed planned collaborations with multiple celebrities during its legal battle with Apple. LeBron James was included in court documents, and now he’s in Fortnite. Ariana Grande’s name also appeared. It’s safe to say that Epic is finally rolling out this long-awaited collaboration; with perhaps the most popular pop star in the music industry.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any additional leaks that surface related to Ariana Grande.

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