Fortnite X Star Wars Event Recap Featuring Lightsabers and Blasters

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Fortnite X Star Wars Event Recap Featuring Lightsabers and Blasters

Star Wars has officially impacted the Fortnite Chapter 2 map. See what’s new in the Battle Royale mode!

Back in mid-November, Fortnite fans got a taste of a collaboration with the monumental Star Wars saga. The first time around allowed players to purchase a Stormtrooper skin. These skins mirrored the Imperial troopers featured in the original Star Wars trilogy. After much anticipation, the Fortnite x Star Wars connection has expanded, and fans can use some fully operational weapons from the famous film series’ universe.

Fortnite X Star Wars Event

Before the event, Fortnite had marketed an event at the Risky Reels location that would feature a scene from the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker. Beginning at around 1:30 PM EST, players began spawning into the Fortnite X Star Wars event. After a brief delay, those who attended the event waited as the cinematic loaded, which featured some spaceships from the Star Wars franchise.

The Millenium Falcon took center stage as did some Imperial TIE Fighters and some massive Star Destroyers off in the distance. What followed was a brief battle between the Millenium Falcon and the TIE Fighters. After destroying the Imperial ships, the Millenium Falcon landed and out walked producer and creator of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley. He proceeded to introduce the director of Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker, J.J. Abrams. Both men received full Fortnite skin renders as the event unfolded. The two went on to introduce a brief clip from the upcoming film, which featured Resistance heroes, Poe, Rey and Finn. Rey performed a Jedi Mind Trick on some unsuspecting First Order Troopers.

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After the clip ended, J.J. Abrams fled the scene in the Millenium Falcon. An interactable poll then appeared in the game, asking players what their favorite lightsaber color. The Star Wars chest then opened up and granted a lightsaber of each player’s color preference to them. Players were then able to participate in a 50 on 50 versus mode where they could attack each other with the only lightsabers.

Lightsabers and Blasters in Fortnite

The event soon came to a close, and shortly after, lightsabers were available to use in non-Arena playlists. From what we’ve been able to see, the Battle Royale mode offers nearly every color the lightsaber. The lootable lightsabers feature purple for Mace Windu, red for Kylo Ren, green for Luke Skywalker and blue for Rey. Players can block, attack and harvest materials with the lightsaber. They are mighty and grant players the ability to string together a combination of strikes on their enemies. Lightsabers can are available for pick up from the special Star Wars-themed chests seen earlier during the event.

In addition to lightsabers, players can also access and use First Order Blaster Rifles. The blasters drop from Stormtroopers that spawn at TIE Fighter crash sites, and they include unlimited ammunition. The lightsaber and blaster rifles appear to be the only two Star Wars-related weapons featured in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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Star Wars Skins in the Fortnite Shop

The Fortnite Shop is now offering skins related to the newest Star Wars trilogy to promote the upcoming movie. These items include a skin of Rey, Finn and a red Sith Trooper. Also available are a variety of harvesting tools, including Rey’s Quarterstaff and a First Order Riot Control Baton as well as a First Order TIE Fighter glider. A recent trailer seems to indicate that a Kylo Ren skin will soon be available in the item shop as well.

It’s not clear exactly how long this event will last, but it’s one of the most exciting collaborations in Fortnite history. We’ve seen the likes of Marvel and Borderlands crossover with Fortnite, but this elevates the Battle Royale title to a different level. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the inclusion of lightsabers, and it’s about time that Fortnite players can experience the hype of witnessing a full collaboration with Star Wars.

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