Fortnite: Wild Week 3 — Bouncing Off The Walls, Bouncers Unvaulted

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Fortnite: Wild Week 3 — Bouncing Off The Walls, Bouncers Unvaulted

Wild Week 3 turns down the gravity and allows players to bounce or jump their way to victory.

Fortnite’s Wild Weeks event has entered its third of four weeks, where Epic Games emphasizes unique gameplay elements. Week One saw an increase in fire-oriented items while making fire spread faster and deal more damage. Epic Games followed that up with a fish-centric week, granting players more loot from fishing spots and higher chances to find rare fish.

Week three turns down gravity and elevates the atmosphere. Beginning today until June 3, Fortnite players will experience an uptick in low gravity items, as referenced in a blog post.

Shockwave Grenades, Bows & Hop Floppers Increased, Bouncers Unvaulted

The bouncer platform, a steel tile with blue directional arrows

The unique gameplay element that Epic Games will highlight in Fortnite Battle Royale includes a wide range of items that allow players to jump higher than usual. That means Shockwave Grenades, Shockwave Bows and Hop Floppers will all spawn more frequently. In general, Wild Week 3 allows players to traverse the map much quicker and relentlessly battle for height.

On top of the items we mentioned, Epic Games has also brought Bouncers back into the game. Players can deploy Bouncers on built structures such as walls, floors and ramps for an added boost in movement. Bouncers last appeared in Season 5 and did not survive the transition to Season 6.

The additional mobility options tie in with the Week 10 challenges. One of the quests asks players must spend up to 500 seconds in the air using Shockwave Grenades, Bows or Hop Floppers. Wild Week 3 is now live in-game and will end on June 3, coinciding with the final week. Be sure to queue into some games and bounce around the map. The increase in mobility items should allow players to rack up more eliminations or evade their enemies with relative ease.

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