Fortnite: Wild Week 2 – Fish As Far As The Eye Can See

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Fortnite: Wild Week 2 – Fish As Far As The Eye Can See

The second Wild Week trades out the fire and gets fishy.

Last week, Epic Games introduced a new in-game Fortnite event dubbed Wild Weeks, where the developers would emphasize many unique gameplay dynamics. The first of several weeks brought the heat quite literally. Epic increased the number of fire-oriented weapons that would spawn on the map. Additionally, the fire would spread faster and deal more damage than before.

While the competitive scene did not particularly appreciate the increase of fire, Epic finished the week strong. Now, it’s time for the second rendition of Wild Weeks.

It’s a Fish Fiesty

Where week one brought the heat, week two cools down with an added emphasis on fish. Fortnite introduced a fishing mechanic in Chapter 2 – Season 1 that’s become a fan-favorite for those who may be out of the loop. Competitive and casual players rely on fishing spots for loot and healing items. Epic released a blog post, where they outlined the new update.

Beginning today, Wild Week Two brings more generous fishing locations, meaning they offer more loot and grant more pulls through Fishing Rods or Harpoon Guns. Players will also notice that only weapons of a Rare rarity and higher will emerge from fishing spots. Pro Fishing Rod spawns have been increased for week two to make fishing more appealing and straightforward. Week two provides to perfect opportunity for players looking to grow their collection of fish.

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Here is a quick recap of what to expect in Wild Week Two:

  • Fishing Spots grant more pulls
  • Fishing Spots will spawn more frequently
  • Rare fish are more common to find
  • Fishing Spots will produce Rare weapons or better
  • Increased Pro Fishing Rod spawns

Wild Week Two is now live in-game, and it will conclude on May 20 at 10 AM EST. It’ll surely be interesting to see how the emphasis on fish could affect competitive play. A running strategy in Fortnite is to stockpile healing items such as Floppers, which allow competitors to tank storm damage. Thankfully, Wild Week Two won’t impact the upcoming FNCS Season 6 Finals. Be sure to hop into Fortnite and experience the fish fiesta!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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