Fortnite: Fire Runs Rampant In FNCS Season 6, Benjyfishy & More React

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Fortnite: Fire Runs Rampant In FNCS Season 6, Benjyfishy & More React

Things are literally heating up in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS).

It’s not often that FNCS trends worldwide on Twitter. Despite the Fortnite Champion Series being the Battle Royale title’s current flagship event, it’s primarily fans and players that pay attention. The competitive scene is in the midst of its eighth seasonal FNCS event. Teams of three, better known as trios, have been battling over the last three weeks to guarantee themselves a spot in the FNCS Semi-Finals or even the Season 6 Finals for those who finish top-three.

Fortnite’s randomness comes into play more often than competitive players would like. That unpredictable factor impacts tournaments frequently. A new in-game weekly event caused distress during this weekend’s FNCS Qualifier. Players could only watch as an influx of fire-oriented weapons increased in effectiveness and became much more accessible. Flames engulfed players, which prompted memes across the scene.

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#WildWeeks = Increased Fire Weapons

Wild Weeks is Fortnite’s way of focusing on specific unique gameplay dynamics for the next few weeks. The first produced an uptick in fire weapons, including the Flame Bow and Fireflies. Players could now craft Flame Bows much easier, but that’s not all Epic Games changed. The developers also altered fire damage to hit for 15 damage per second (DPS) and spread faster than usual.

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Professional Players Meme the Competition

These two factors made fire weapons a priority in FNCS Qualifier 3. Professional players did not take kindly to this sudden change. Wooden structures became useless, and competitive Fortnite’s patented end games were on fire. Top players like GO Decyptos used the opportunity to post memes on Twitter. He tweeted a forest fire with a caption that reads, “playing fncs opens.” Many other players joined in on the action throughout day one and into day two.

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NRG Esports players Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish tweeted his frustration during session two of the Fortnite Champion Series. In all caps, he wrote, “WHY IS EVERY ONE OF MY BUILDS ON FIRE AND WHY AM I RANDOMLY DROPPING TO 60 FPS MIDGAME.”

The jokes did not end, either. Twitter user Tundvra posed a tweet that may have summarized many team’s FNCS experiences, including the “This Is Fine” fire meme featuring a dog that most Internet users should recognize. The competitive scene never shies away from its criticism of Epic Games and their decisions that affect gameplay. Regardless, they’ll need to set their anger aside and put forth their best effort to advance in the Fortnite Champion Series.

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Epic Vaults Flame Bows from Competitive

After seeing the memes and the unfathomable amount of feedback, Epic Games decided to vault the Flame Bow from competitive playlists. This change directly affects tournament play. Hopefully, the lack of Flame Bows will lessen the amount of fire damage in each game. It was a conscious decision on Epic’s part and one that the community appreciates during the game’s most significant season event.

It’s worth wondering what else the Wild Weeks have in store for players. Hopefully, there’s nothing game-breaking that could negatively influence the FNCS Semi-Finals and Season 6 Finals. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more competitive Fortnite news updates!

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