Fortnite: Where To Find Telescope Parts

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Fortnite: Where To Find Telescope Parts

Learn how to find and collect telescope parts in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 features many in-game storyline challenges that push the narrative forwards and give players something to work toward. There have been several since the season began back in December. Most of these Seasonal Quests include Jonesy as he provides instructions for what players need to accomplish.

The latest Seasonal Quest requires players to destroy and collect telescope parts. Today, ESTNN walks you through the entire process involved in this challenge, outlining where to find the telescope parts and how to gather them.

Starting the Mission

This Seasonal Quest starts on the Island displayed on the map above. It would be best to navigate to the area marked or any surrounding location to receive a call from Jonesy. Once he finishes speaking, you can now start the challenge.

Telescope Locations

The Fortnite Chapter 3 map, showing the location of the Launchpad marked with a flag

The next step reveals all telescope locations on the map. As you can see above, there are nine telescopes spread across the Chapter 3 Season 1 landscape. However, you don’t need to collect all nine. You need only three of the telescopes to complete this Quest. There is one catch; you must collect all three in one match. Otherwise, you’ll have to start over.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 map, showing the locations of Telescope Parts marked with information points

We ventured to the Island on the east side of the map to show you what the telescope looks like. You can find this particular device in one of the buildings on the Island known as Launchpad. To collect the telescope part, you need to hit the device with your pickaxe. After doing that, you’ll be able to pick up the telescope part.

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Repeat that process two more times, and you’ll complete the challenge, adding 25K XP to your total.

Tips & Tricks

An in-game screen grab of a character searching for Telescope Parts in the latest Fortnite event

The telescope challenge should not be too difficult to accomplish. We started on the east side of the map, collected the telescope at the Launchpad landmark, then moved south to Seven Outpost VII before venturing to gather the last one in the Sanctuary. We were able to finish this Quest in less than ten minutes.

That information should help you in your Chapter 3 Season 1 journey. Be sure to check back with ESTNN for more Fortnite news and guides!

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