Fortnite: Where To Find Orelia In Season 6

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Fortnite: Where To Find Orelia In Season 6

Learn where to find Orelia and information about the newest Fortnite location.

Fortnite patch v16.40 is the latest update in Chapter 2 – Season 6. After a brief downtime on Tuesday, Epic Games rolled out a new Exotic Six Shooter and many other new features. One of which came in the form of a unique point of interest (POI) located south of Flush Factory named Isla Nublada.

While the possible Jurassic Park reference is worth noting, a brand new non-player character (NPC) – Orelia – calls the place home. She has a bit of a backstory that Fortnite players should consider. Let’s break down where precisely you can locate Orelia and what the new island has to offer.

Where to Find Orelia

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 map highlighting the location of Orelia.


Those looking to locate Orelia should refer to the updated Chapter 2 – Season 6 map above. She spawns at the previously mentioned new POI, Isla Nublada. The location itself is not anything special in terms of loot. It possesses only two chests, but Orelia has a lot more to give. She guards a Legendary Assault Rifle and will attack whoever takes it from her. However, players can purchase the weapon from her for 750 gold bars. Orelia also carries a Mythic Primal Assault Rifle, which she drops when eliminated.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Orelia and Isla Nublada is the ability to unlock Gold Lara Croft. Patch v16.40 finally made this skin style available, and we recently published a guide on how to acquire that version of the Tomb Raider. Orelia is the 50th unique NPC to appear this season and is the female counterpart of Oro, a skin that first appeared in Chapter 2 – Season 2.

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