Fortnite Warhammer 40K – Is a Big New Collab Coming?

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Fortnite Warhammer 40K – Is a Big New Collab Coming?

Fortnite Warhammer 40K would be a fun crossover to come to the game, can we expect Epic to add these to the title soon though?

Warhammer 40K is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, with a huge fan base. It’s a franchise which could bring quite a few different characters to Fortnite, and seems like prime material for a future crossover. There have been rumours and speculation over the years, but is a Fortnite Warhammer 40K crossover coming to the game at some point?

Recently, we’ve seen speculation for a Fortnite Warhammer 40K crossover heat up. FN is currently in its 5thChapter, where we’re seeing some of the most out there collabs we’ve had. We’ve got Peter Griffin in Fortnite plus more anime skins coming soon. What about Warhammer Fortnite skins though? Players have been speculating about a new crossover coming soon with Warhammer 40K Fortnite skins, but it doesn’t look confirmed just yet.

Looking at the upcoming Fortnite leaks, we can see quite a bit about what’s coming soon to Fortnite. Are there any Fortnite Warhammer 40K skins in the files already? Plus, there’s Fortnite creative to keep in mind. There are maps themed around Warhammer 40K which might be worth jumping into while you wait for an official collab.

Is a Fortnite Warhammer 40K Crossover Coming? Warhammer 40K Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Warhammer 40K
Credit – u/Alphonse_YT

Fortnite collabs are some of the most exciting parts of the game. Multiple times in each season we see collabs of varying sizes get added. On the smaller side, we can get item shop skins which let you play as your favorite characters within the world of Fortnite. Some of these have been the most exciting Fortnite skins over the years. However, it’s the bigger ones which really change things. We can get full event passes, new mechanics in the game and items to use in Battle Royale. Either type of Fortnite collab might be fun for Warhammer.

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Are we getting a Fortnite Warhammer 40K collab? Given how wide Epic goes with these crossovers, it definitely could happen. However, at the moment we have no reason to think one is coming. A Fortnite Warhammer 40K crossover would be fun but there isn’t any evidence to actually think one is coming.

As we’ve used above, there are some fantastic mock ups of potential Fortnite Warhammer 40K skins. These show how impressive the characters from Warhammer 40K could be in Fortnite. At the moment though, these are just mock ups. They’re coming from fans, not Epic. If you see them shared you can safely know that these are just fakes for now. There are plenty of franchises that people like to fake Fortnite collabs for, and it’s always disappointing when you believe genuine skins are coming for a while.

Fortnite Warhammer 40K Maps

Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader Coop

That’s what we know about potential Warhammer 40K Fortnite skins, but what about content that’s actually in the game? In Chapter 4, Epic added UnrealFN as an editor to Fortnite maps. This has opened up how Fortnite Creative works, allowing considerably more expansive experiences to be created. Are there any notable maps that use the world and format of Warhammer 40K as an inspiration?

There are a few different islands which currently use Warhammer-related terms in the titles. However, these aren’t really effective representations of the franchise. They’re largely just strangely named maps. This does mean there’s a gap in the best Fortnite UnrealFN maps though! If you’re a talented map maker, this could be a popular topic to tackle next!

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We’ll have to wait a little longer to see a proper Fortnite Warhammer 40K crossover in Fortnite unfortunately. With the rate Epic is going through collabs though we might see this at some point!

Fortnite Warhammer 40K – Is a Big New Collab Coming?
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