Fortnite V3.60 Update Patch Notes

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Fortnite V3.60 Update Patch Notes

Everything that's changed in the latest Patch Notes for Fortnite v3.60 update!

Fortnite’s first patch of Chapter 3 Season 3 has just dropped! The Fortnite V3.60 update has brought a much-anticipated boss to the map, a new Mythic, and some other anticipated changes. This is the first major update of the new season, so what’s changed in Fortnite today? This is everything you need to know:

Fortnite V3.60 Update Patch Notes

Darth Vader Boss Drops in

Vader Mythic in-game in Fortnite V3.60 Update

The headline change in the Fortnite V3.60 update is Darth Vader coming to the game as a mythic boss! These have been a stable of Fortnite since early Chapter 2. They’re hostile NPCs on the map. They have unique weapons, special attacks, and more health than normal players. Taking them down is a challenge for some, when you manage it though you’re going to get the Mythic weapon for yourself! This is Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

The Darth Vader boss is a bit more substantial than just a Mythic, though. In each of his landing spots, you can find Imperial Chests. These are special loot boxes that are going to be dropping E-11 Blasters. There will also be Stormtrooper NCPs guarding the Sith Lord, which will each have an E-11 blaster of their own.

If you want to take down Vader and grab the Mythic, you’ll need to fight off all of these Stormtroopers. There’s an added challenge this time too, he’s not at a set location every match. Unlike past Mythics, Vader has a few different spots he could be at. He has multiple landing spots and will only be in one of them per game. This means Vader isn’t going to be a guaranteed spawn like Bosses in the past.

Vader’s Lightsaber

Vader's Lightsaber in Fortnite V3.60 Update

The main new Mythic for the season has come with the Fortnite V3.60 update. Darth Vader’s lightsaber is currently in the game if you can track him down and defeat him. Once you kill the Boss, you’ll be able to get the Mythic item as loot.

All Skins in the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

Since this is a Mythic there will only be one of them in each game at any one time. (Aside from things players stashed in tents if they want to take the time to grind out lightsabers) This gives the player who gets a hold of it an advantage if they’re skilled with it.

Vader’s lightsaber works similarly to the old ones that were in the game. You can use it to block fire for a limited time, for melee attacks, and a fresh use. You can now throw Vader’s lightsaber around. This makes it into a powerful projectile weapon. You’re giving up the ability to swing and block things with this move, though, so make sure you’re using it strategically.

There might only be one of Vader’s lightsaber, but there are other Fortnite C3 S3 exotic weapons around too. The Grappling Globes could really speed up searching out the new boss.

Fortnite V3.60 Update – Bonus Styles

Battle Pass Skins added in Fortnite V3.60 Update

The Fortnite bonus levels and rewards have become a real show of status in the game. You can brag about leveling past 100 with unique cosmetics. The first of the bonus rewards for Chapter 3 Season 3 has just been added. These include alternative skins for many of the Battle Pass outfits in this season. They go to Level 140, which is quite the grind to hit already.

Social Tags

Social Tags in Fortnite V3.60 Update

One player tool added in the new update is social tags. This helps you to give other players more information. You can add tags that say your preferred game modes, what you’re up to at the moment, and what games you want to drop into. This will be great for players with a large friend list who like more niche areas of the game!

The social tags also enable a new looking for group feature. By using this, you can find other players by the tag they use. If you want to find a partner for Arena that takes things seriously, you can now narrow the player base down quickly.

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Reality Sapling Changes in the Fortnite V3.60 Update

Players quickly found uses for the reality sapling this season, often beyond what Epic might have expected. It was great for grabbing XP to level up quick and easy solid gold loadouts to fill your tent up. They’ve had some much-needed balancing changes in the V3.60 update. Reality Saplings will now only grow;

  • 3 Uncommon or Rare Fruits
  • 2 Epic Fruits
  • 1 Legendary or Mythic Fruit

This is a big nerf to these trees. While the saplings were fun, this change was pretty easy for most to see coming, and it’s going to be an improvement.

Visual Audio Changes

The Fortnite V3.60 update has changed one of the most useful features in the game, audio visualization. You’ll now only see the visual indicators of sound when the source is closer. Visual audio has been a change that many rely on to get more information as they play. Hopefully, the changes aren’t too major.

Competitive Changes

Most of the new additions in the Fortnite V3.60 Update aren’t coming to competitive straight away! Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and the Blasters will not be in this side of the game yet, if ever. This is pretty standard for competitive Fortnite, so not a big surprise.

Naruto Crossover Skins

New Fortnite Naruto Crossover

A second wave of Naruto crossover skins are hitting the item shop! These will be arriving on June 23. The cosmetics include Itachi Uchiha, Gaara, Orochimaru, Hinata, and some alternative styles for these skins! They’ll have their own sets of challenges coming, too.

Fortntie Naruto Crossover

Those are all the major changes hitting Fortnite with V3.60. The addition of a new Mythic means most of the datamined content is now active in the title. This leaves a bit of a mystery about where the season is heading here, which is when Fortnite is the most exciting!

Fortnite V3.60 Update Patch Notes
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