Fortnite V25.20 Patch Notes – Fun New Weapons and Crossover

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Fortnite V25.20 Patch Notes – Fun New Weapons and Crossover

What’s new in the Fortnite V25.20 patch notes? This is everything that’s changed in the latest update of the game.

With the summer event now well behind us, we’re finally getting new content in Fortnite Battle Royale! Fortnite V25.20 patch notes have brought a new weapon to the game, along with a crossover in Futurama X Fortnite! This new content has a few different things for players to get stuck into around the map. There’s the crossover, but there are also new features and even some returning items this time.

The Fortnite V25.20 update isn’t our biggest update ever. There’s a new weapon and a few other alterations. However, Fortnite V25.20 is going to liven things up a bit over the remaining few weeks of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3! This is everything that’s changed which you can jump into over the next few weeks.

Fortnite V25.20 Patch Notes

Futurama X Fortnite

Fortnite V25.20 patch notes

The big update for this patch is Futurama X Fortnite. This is a brand-new crossover. We’re getting Bender, Fry, and Leela in the item shop. You can find each of these characters in a new bundle, along with a second bundle for accessories.

New Skins in Fortnite V25.20 Patch Notes

The headline part of the new crossover is the new outfits. There’s Fry, the protagonist of Futurama. He comes with a secondary look at how the character appears in a parallel universe. This back bling will be the Hypnotoad! This is instead of a parasite which was leaked in the initial reveal for the crossover.

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The second new skin in Fortnite V25.20 patch notes is Bender. He’s a robot from Futurama. He’s getting a secondary outfit of solid gold along with a back bling of his son, essentially a mini-Bender. The final new skin is Leela, who also has their parallel universe design as a secondary outfit. This skin comes with a Nibbler back bling.

A cosmetics pack has also been released in the item store for the new crossover. There are going to be some pickaxes and emotes here, including a Zoidberg scuttling one!

New Item in Fortnite v25.20 Update – Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun

Fortnite V25.20 patch notes

The new item in Fortnite V25.20 will be Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun! This is a new weapon which you can find in battles. It’s similar to pat seasons Rayguns, seen in the alien crossover season back in Chapter 2. It has infinite ammo as it fires plasma. However, it also overheats. You’ll need to watch out for this. It works similarly to items like the Star Wars blaster in that way.

You can find this by buying it directly from a Bender NPC. However, it also shows up in floor loot so it is a bit easier to track down than that one spot.

Fortnite V25.20 – Mammoth Pistol

Fortnite V25.20 patch notes

Another new item has hit the game alongside Bender’s pistol in Fortnite V25.20! This is actually one of the weapons revealed at the start of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. It’s a new pistol which was shown off on the splash screen of the new season.

This is a new type of Pistol which uses heavy ammo. It’s a single-shot weapon! This is almost a sniper pistol. That’s a unique twist on the lootpool for C4 S3 weapons at least. You can find this in chests, the ground, holo-chests, even in the drones for hot spots.

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New Augment

Fortnite V25.20 patch notes

A brand-new Augment has come in with the latest pistol. It’s called Pistol Recycle. This is a new augment which means pistols will have a chance of only costing 0 ammo once activated.

There’s also another one in the Fortnite V25.20 update, Desperate Reload. This is another pistol-focused one. You can reload pistols faster on an empty clip with this one activated.

The last new Augment in Fortnite V25.20 is Scoped Salvo. This is a new weapon which increases the damage of scoped weapons. Although, it also decreases their fire rate. It’s a bit of a trade-off but it might suit some players.

Lever Action Shotgun

Fortnite V25.20 patch notes

Another weapon making a return in the Fortnite V25.20 patch notes is the Lever Action Shotgun! This is making a comeback in the latest season of the game. It’s going to be findable from chests, floor loot, holo-chests, POI capture points, and even flying drones. The Maven Auto has been turned into an NPC-only item to prevent there from being too many shotguns in the lootpool at once.

Flare Gun

The flare gun is vaulted. While the firework flare gun replaced it for a while, the normal flare gun isn’t coming back either.

Those are all of the big changes in Fortnite V25.20. It’s a decent-sized update and the new crossover content is going to be fun to play through! Most of these items probably won’t be sticking around too long, so it’ll be fun to try them out.

Fortnite V25.20 Patch Notes – Fun New Weapons and Crossover
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