Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes Dragon Ball and Fresh Augments

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Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes Dragon Ball and Fresh Augments

The latest Fortnite patch is here! This is everything that’s new in the game with Fortnite V23.30.

The latest patch of Fortnite has dropped this week, V23.30! The big headline event is round 2 of Fortnite X Dragon Ball. There’s a lot more in this update, though. The Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes have brand new Augments, loads of fixes and changes, along with the return of balloons after a brief absence.

This patch strangely had slightly longer downtime than normal, but by the afternoon, the game returned with all of the new content now in the game. In this batch of content, we’ve got maybe the most OP Reality Augment seen yet, a returning Mythic, and alterations that are going to smooth out the more annoying parts of the loot pool this season.

This is everything that’s new and changed in the latest update; what’s new in Fortnite V23.30

Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Skins

The biggest change with the new patch is a new crossover, a second round of Fortnite X Dragon ball. This is some new skins, along with a creative map. However, we’ve also had two items returned to the game. This is what’s new.

  • Kamehameha.- Beam Attack Mythic, 3 charges
  • Nimbus Cloud – Glider Redeploy, unlimited charges

Both of these are found in Capsules that drop in-game. The full Dragon Ball X Fortnite. Crossover has plenty more content, especially if you’re interested in the game’s skins and creative.

New Fortnite Augments in Fortnite V23.30

Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes - Rift-jecktor seat

Fortnite V23.30 is delivering yet another big drop of fresh Fortnite Augments. These join the cluster that was only just introduced in the last patch. We’ve now got loads of Augments. One of the new ones really looks like a game-changer too. These are the new additions.

Rift-Jector Seat

This Augment has been around in Fortnite leaks for quite a while and it looks pretty OP. This Reality Augment has an effect that will rift you after a short delay whenever your shield breaks. Basically, if you’re losing a fight, you’ll get beamed out.

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As long as you can stay alive through the delay, this is an instant panic button. It’s not active in competitive, thankfully, since this looks like one of the most OP Augments that they’ve ever made.

Shadow Striker

This Augment lets you find Shadow Bombs from all containers! It’ll work like the Chug Augment, where a small stack drops every time you open something. Shadow Bombs aren’t quite as useful as some other items, but you can probably get creative as the only player on the map with access to them.

Icy Slide

Get an ice effect speed boost after you slide. This one is going to power up your mobility.


In each update of perks, there’s bound to be one a lot of players skip! This Augment will drop big bush bombs and foragebles when you destroy foliage. It is a bit specialist, but it could prove useful.

Mythic Munition

This one is a simple get an item Augment. This time it’s a Mythic Pistol. Often overlooked in the loot pool the Pistol has actually been pretty solid in the Chapter 4 weapons balance. Combined with the other Pistol perks, it might work pretty well.

Those are all of the new Augments. We’ve now got quite a lot of these active, so you might have to start spending a bit more gold to really find that perfect Augment each game.

Weekly Quest Changes in Fortnite V23.30

Fortnite Chapter 4 Weekly Quests

The latest update has one change to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Weekly Quests that should make a major difference! They won’t expire anymore. Although, those that have already expired don’t seem to be popping back up. Players are still locked out of any XP they missed in those weeks.

This Chapter had a new system where Weekly Quests only lasted a week, no more catching up at the end of the season. It was unpopular. It was stripped back a bit last week, with the quests made easier at least for those with multiple tiers. This week it has been done away with entirely! Quests are now back to normal! Rejoice that you can now freely skip a week or two if you don’t like the look of the Fortnite V23.30 patch notes!

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This is a positive change. Epic acknowledged how unpopular the change was a few times, but they didn’t show any sign of turning back in the new system. Since they’ve now reversed it, players can rest a bit easier!

Changes and Balance Notes in Fortnite V23.30

Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythics and Excotics

That’s most of the big new content for the patch. However, there’s been some pretty big alterations to the rest of the Chapter’s content. These are the other changes and what they mean:

  • Wind Currents – These have been vaulted! Although, the patch notes specify it’s for this patch’s duration, not permanently.
  • Forecast Augment – This Augment will now only reveal the next three storm circles, not every single one in the game. This makes it a pretty worthless pick for your last slot, but still pretty useful for most of the game.
  • Guardian Shield – This now blocks the Deku Smash ability! There’s now a second counter to this OP attack other than spamming the Hammer and trying to get out of there.
  • Party Time – This Reality augment is back!
  • Movement Bugs Fixed
  • Noble Shroud Back Bling Fixed
  • Joni the Red’s Cape Fixes
  • Victory Royales – You can once again emote after you win a game, make sure you grab your best gloating dance for your first dub back.
  • Fall Damage Bug – the bug where you took fall damage sliding and using the Hammer has been fixed
  • Falcon Scout Bugs Fixed

Those are all of the major changes with the Fortnite V23.30 patch! While this was supposed to be a smaller update, it’s actually got a sizeable amount of new and returning content. If you’re a fan of the anime crossover attacks, you’re particularly going to be in for a great time over the next few weeks of Fortnite.

Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes Dragon Ball and Fresh Augments
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